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Seni dan sains dalam Industri??!!

Oke friends, seperti biasa dihari senin yang indah ini, madev akan menulis mengenai topik seputar dunia Strategi bisnis, dan seperti judul artikel kali ini madev ingin membahas soal kolaborasi seni dan sains. Ada anggapan umum bagi masyarakat bahwa s...
by mariodevan on Jan 17, 2016

Marketing Applications of the Apple Watch

  The Apple Watch holds the potential to build more intimate connections between brands and consumers. Some even say the wearable device opens new era for marketing. The iPhone brought a new level of intimacy between consumers and their personal...
by CyberAlert on Apr 28, 2015

Perch for Small Business

Do you monitor what is being said about your company?  How about your competitors?  In today’s social environment you have to know how to best market your business by listening to what others are saying about you and your competition. Perch f...
by Mobile Apps 4 Biz on Jan 2, 2014

Apple’s Momentum Marketing (and what you can take from it)

With Apples latest hit phone being announced a later today, we can sit back and marvel at how the Cupertino based company has developed a following that allows them to effortlessly rake in profits with every product launch. Apple’s hype … Con...
by Outbreak Creative Agency Blog on Sep 12, 2012

How to Accomplish Small Business Internet Marketing Via Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the only marketing left- Seth Godin. Small businesses around the world are hopping on the internet trying to market their products and services to online customers. It’s a whole new way of engaging with people who might nev...
by Content Marketing Blog on Feb 9, 2012

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