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Cosa nasconde il programma di formazione interna di Apple?

Il New York Times ha pubblicato un profilo di ‘Apple University’, il programma di formazione interna aziendale per i nuovi dipendenti. ‘Apple University’ è il programma di formazione interna aziendale per i nuovi dipendent...
by AppleZein on Aug 11, 2014

Ecco a voi l’Apple University

TweetNo non potete chiedere di iscrivervi e conseguire una laurea. La Apple University è un centro di formazione di Apple destinato ai dirigenti della società. All’interno si formano i futuriCONTINUA A LEGGERE...
by AppleZein on Oct 7, 2011

Apple will establish a university

The news will soon retire Steve Jobs began to show real signs. It is no secret, Jobs in trouble with his health and could at any time to leave Apple. A few days ago, Jobs looks back to the headquarters of Apple with a similar condition, thin and has...
by on May 9, 2011

Apple University?

Today, Apple announced its plans for the "Apple School."  They are hiring Mr. Joel Podolny, the dean of Yale's School of Management.  The school will be like a training ground for new Apple employees, lik
by Tepple on Oct 23, 2008

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