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Spend Your Holidays In Tenerife

An unforgettable experience at the center of the “Happy Isles” Tenerife, Canary Island archipelago located in the center, is part, along with Cape Verde, the Azores and Madeira, the so-called “happy islands”. It is located abo...
by Online Travel Magazines on Apr 9, 2012

Archipelago Cinema , the Floating Movie Theater

Movie theaters are pretty cool on their lonesome, what with the large screens, memories of the overeating of popcorn and candy, and maybe even a few first kisses…but this one takes the cake.   Built for a new film festival in Thailand called F...
by MapSalesDotCom on Mar 30, 2012

Δύο τεράστια καλαμάρια εντοπίστηκαν σε Σάμο και Λειψούς

Summer House Skatoy with a Distinctive Style of Filter Arkiteketer

Have the Summer House as a haven for the family is probably the ideals of many people including you. Especially if Summer House is located right in the beautiful seaside scenery will surely add to the beauty of the Summer House itself. Filter Arkitek...
by Creative Home Idea. Com on Mar 9, 2012

Παραπέμπεται στην υπηρεσία Εσωτερικών Υποθέσεων το λιμεναρχείο Νάξου

Σύλληψη προμηθευτή εκρηκτικών στη Νάξο - Δίχως τέλος η αλιεία με δυναμίτιδα στις νότιες Κυκλάδες

The Promised Land For A Naturalist

During his famous sojourn in the archipelago in the mid-19th century British naturalist Sir Alfred Russel Wallace spent several months exploring the Arus. In Dobo from March to June 1857, he added over 9000 specimens to his collection.Wallace’s sta...
by Cruise The Internet on Nov 13, 2010

Climbing Gamalama

by Cruise The Internet on Oct 9, 2010

Sights of Nutmeg Isles

The Banda islands are indecently lush with tropical vegetation. Some places are flat and coconut-fringed, while others are steeply hilled and covered by a variety of trees. Naturalist Sir Alfred Russel Wallas first wrote of Banda’s large fruit pige...
by Cruise The Internet on Sep 13, 2010

The Most Beautiful of The Moluccan Isles

Perhaps the most beautiful of the Moluccan isles are the tiny Bandas, mere specks in the vast Banda sea. These lush, breezy islands offer little clue today that they once radically changed the course of world history.Vasco da Gama rounded the Horn of...
by Cruise The Internet on Aug 11, 2010

Seram, The Mystical Mother Island of Amboyna

Even at this late date, the Moluccas’ largest island is shrouded in mystery. With a forbidding interior marked by a chain of huge peaks, Seram is as much a place in the imagination as a physical island of rock, jungle and sand. The Seramese are rep...
by Cruise The Internet on Jul 7, 2010

Soya Atas, The Strange Village

The most pleasant trip out of Amboyna is also the shortest. The village of Soya Atas, perches 400 meters up the flank of 950-meter Mount Sirimau. A pretty little church sits in Soya Atas’ clean village plaza, and it is faced by the raja’s house,...
by Cruise The Internet on Jun 3, 2010

Moluccas, Crystal Water, Sacred Eels, Odd Tales

Amboyna Island is the best known, and most developed island in the Moluccas. Good paved roads reach most of the important villages, and they unfold beautiful panoramas: steep mountains, curved bays and deep blue seas. The island provides fascinating...
by Cruise The Internet on May 2, 2010

The Origin of The Spice Isles

The earliest record of the Spice Isles was penned by the Chinese. It is possible that northern China acquired cloves through the Yueh merchants who bartered for the spice in Philippines. The Early Han Dynasty (206 B.C.-A.D.200) annals state that the...
by Cruise The Internet on Apr 30, 2010

The Spice and The Age of Exploration

In Medieval Europe, cloves, nutmeg and mace were literally worth their weight in gold. When Magellan’s round-the-world expedition—with five fully outfitted ships and 230 men—finally limped home after three years with just over one ton of cloves...
by Cruise The Internet on Mar 29, 2010

Moluccas, Cloves, Nutmeg

Moluccas is most famous for two trees: the nutmeg and the cloves. At one time, the Banda Islands were the nutmeg garden of the world. Few cultivated plants are more beautiful than nutmeg trees (Myristica fragrans), which thrive on Banda’s moist air...
by Cruise The Internet on Mar 26, 2010

Moluccan Wildlife

As one might expect of an island region, where dispersal required the ability to fly or swim, the wildlife of the Moluccas is marked by a scarcity of land mammals and a profusion of birds, insects and fish. The animal world can be characterized as ha...
by Cruise The Internet on Feb 25, 2010

Mixed Moluccan Species

by Cruise The Internet on Feb 22, 2010

Moluccas, Islands of Coral and Islands of Fire

Molucca’s thousand-odd islands (one count claims 999; another 1029) estend across an area of some 851000 square kilometers, only 10 percent of which is land. Geologically, biologically and culturally, these islands form a fascinating zone of transi...
by Cruise The Internet on Jan 21, 2010

Molucca At A Glance

The Moluccan archipelago, a thousand-odd islands in a vast expanse of blue, lies well beyond Bali and the usual Indonesian tourist circuit. Some of the islands are volcanic, and dressed in luxuriant vegetation. Others are coral atolls, lined with swa...
by Cruise The Internet on Jan 18, 2010

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