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The Best Parts of Marketing

Want to be an expert, effective, and dynamic marketer? Start by tossing out everything you know about selling. When people sense you’re pushing something on them, they run away and they run fast.  They’ll avoid you like the plague! Marketing is...
by Solo Mompreneur on Oct 4, 2010

Promoting Invisible People

That’s what article writing challenges and blog challenges are designed to do – make you VISIBLE! Do you ever feel like an invisible person whose talents, passion, and expertise are just floating around out in cyberspace and no one seems to know...
by Solo Mompreneur on Sep 30, 2010

Duplicate Content or Fraternal Twins?

Most of you know I’m a single mom with four daughters and my youngest are twins. The question I’ve gotten hundreds of times since they were born is, “Are they identical?” The reason people have asked this so often is because my twins are what...
by Solo Mompreneur on Sep 8, 2010

How To Increase Web Traffic Leveraging Article Marketing Techniques

Article marketing has become highly effective for every business owner who wants to increase web traffic. It does take time to build a real virtual real estate empire but it is possible with steady work and a growing knowledge of Internet marketing m...
by MLM Street Journal on Mar 26, 2010

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