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NHK Wildlife – Rainforest Warriors Army Ants (2009) [HDTV 720p (MKV)]

NHK Wildlife – Rainforest Warriors Army Ants (2009) [HDTV 720p (MKV)]English | Size: 1.92 GB (2,063,748,960 bytes)Category: Nature Hordes of tiny terrors march through the rainforest: they are army ants. Known as the most feared animals in...
by Tutorials For Download on Sep 15, 2016

Home invasion

Our home has been invaded three times now. The first two times, they tried to scale the outside walls and crawl in through the space between our roof and ceiling. The last time—  I hope it will be the last, … Continue reading →...
by Writing Life on Nov 24, 2012

Bees and Ants

Bees A colony of bees, called a swarm may number 10,000 to 60,000 or more.  There are three different kinds of bees in a colony – the queen, the drones (males) and the workers (undeveloped females).  The work is divided among the different groups...
by Creation Not Evolution on Nov 10, 2012

5 Kekuatan yang Paling Mengerikan di Dunia Serangga

Apakah agan takut serangga? Jika agan tidak takut sama mereka, agan harus berhati-hati dengan beberapa serangga berikut. They've been granted horrifying powers by Satan himself. Mereka memiliki kekuatan alias kemampuan yang sangat mengerikan dan...
by berita aneh on Jul 9, 2010

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