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Invisible Woman: Body Paint Artist Blends Models Into Boulders

Expertly camouflaged with head-to-toe paint, a model virtually disappears into rocky landscapes and beautiful blooming magnolia trees in an incredible series of images by German artist Joerg Duesterwald. The series ‘Rock Face’ seems, at first gla...
by WebEcoist on Apr 22, 2015

2D or Not 2D? Body Paint Illusion Makes Faces Look Flat

Three-dimensional human bodies are transformed to look like paintings on a flat surface in this curious collaboration between a makeup artist, a photographer ...
by WebUrbanist on Nov 29, 2013

Body Paint Illusions Transform Human Models into Animals

Carefully posed in graceful contortions, human models are transformed into dolphins, swans, iguanas and more in body paintings by Gesine Marwedel.
by WebUrbanist on Mar 21, 2013

7 Creepy Bodypainting Art From Japanese Artist Choo-San

We have shared some nice bodypainting pictures of Japanese college student and artist, Choo-San in an old post “Bizarre And Funny Bodypainting Arts“. Here’s another set of creepy looking bodypainting art pictures from this artist. H...
by Funky Downtown on Oct 21, 2012

Art Body Painting

Body Painting - The IntricaciesThe origin of body painting is unknown, but its use has been widespread - sometimes as an art form, sometimes as a part of tradition, and the other times, as a necessity. The evidence of body painting is found in ancien...

Body Painting – Artist Carnival

Body painting is an interesting art form in that it pulls together at least three separate artist, the model, the body painter and the photographer.
by Touch of Marla on Aug 6, 2011

Body Painting Wallpaper

Body Painting Body Painting Body Painting...
by Body Painting on Jan 3, 2011

Art Body Painting Festivals Contestant

Art Body Painting Festivals ContestantArt Body Painting Festivals Contestant...
by Body Painting Nice on Dec 26, 2010

Beauty Art Body Painting Woman

Beauty Art Body Painting WomanBeauty Art Body Painting Woman...
by Butterfly Body Painting on Nov 19, 2010

Body Painting by Guido Daniele

View the rest of this post at:
by The Modern Artist on Apr 29, 2010

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