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Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Sue Benner

While pursuing a degree in molecular biology and masters in biomedical illustration, Sue Benner created her vision of the microscopic universe in painted and quilted textile constructions. She creates her richly layered quilt canvases by collaging he...
by Humoring The Goddess on Jun 19, 2016

Blue Windows Small Quilt

This is another small quilt I recently finished.  It measures 16 in square.  It is hand and machine pieced; machine quilted.  I intend to swap it as part of the ALQS round 10. This one hopefully shows some of the quilting.
by Suture for a Living on May 20, 2016

Toes in the Water Small Quilt

I took the photo of my toes in water a few years back during a vacation to the gulf shores.  I printed it onto fabric and made this small quilt.  It  measures 16 in square. It is machine pieced.  While I machine quilted along the...
by Suture for a Living on May 13, 2016

Rainbow Coin Quilt

This small quilt, 28.25 in x 35 in, was machine pieced and quilted.  It was made using the rainbow colored fabrics from a 5 in square sample package.  The coins are 1 in x 4 in These next two photos are to show the quilting. Here...
by Suture for a Living on Jan 29, 2016

Purple Roses in Cowboy Boot

This small quilt is 12.5 in X 15 in.  It is machine appliqued and quilted.  The roses were fussy cut. Here's a close up showing some of the boot detail. Here's a close up showing some of the fussy cut roses.
by Suture for a Living on Aug 28, 2015

American Flag Quilt -- WIP

I recently pieced this small wall quilt.  It is machine pieced with appliqued stars.  The flag quilt measures 35.5 in X 23.25 in unquilted.  My sister is going to hand quilt it.
by Suture for a Living on Aug 14, 2015


I made this small quilt, 15.25 in square, as my entry in the ALQS9.  It was inspired by the art cover of JAMA back in July 2010.  The art piece is "Night Intersection" by Charmion von Wiegand.  This first photo has the front...
by Suture for a Living on Mar 6, 2015

Treats for Dogs Quilt

This small quilt, 16 in X 16 in, is made using dog treat bags for the quilt top.  The quilt back is part of a dog food bag.  The batting is Hobbs Heirloom.  I used cotton fabric for the binding.  It is machine pieced and quilted.&...
by Suture for a Living on Jan 30, 2015

"May I Offer You a Drink?" Quilt

This small quilt is 8.5 in X 9.5 in.  The design is drawn/colored using the techniques I learned at the Drapplique workshop given by instructor Pam Holland I attended this summer.  The quilt was then machine quilted.   Here is a de...
by Suture for a Living on Oct 31, 2014

Drapplique Workshop and GAQS3

A couple of weeks ago a attended a daylong Drapplique workshop given by instructor Pam Holland.  It was one of the workshops associated with the Great Arkansas Quilt Show 3.  Had I known the techniques I learned, my quilt entry for the GAQS...
by Suture for a Living on Aug 22, 2014

OMG Dn't Txt n Wlk Quilt

This is my quilt entry for the 2014 Alliance for American Quilts contest.  The theme is “inspired by” with the size specified at 16 in square.  I used the drunkard path quilts to “inspire” me along with the news articles regarding t...
by Suture for a Living on Apr 18, 2014

Up and Down the Stairs

This small quilt is for the ALQS8 (another little quilt swap #8).  It is my attempt at an Escher-like effect as the quilt actually works in all directions as you can tell from this diptic photo collage.  I used the photo to poll friends for...
by Suture for a Living on Dec 27, 2013

Fantasy Footwear Finished!

I have finished the quilt except for adding the sleeve for hanging and a label.  The quilt is machine appliqued and quilted.  It measures 31.5 in square. The next several quilts are my attempt to show the details of the quilt. ...
by Suture for a Living on Nov 22, 2013

Fantasy Footwear -- Part Three

Let me refer you back to the these two previous posts (beginning, part 2) for the back story of this quilt.  It took me a while to decide how I wanted to do the actual quilting.  As you may notice in the photos below I made a few false star...
by Suture for a Living on Nov 1, 2013

Fantasy Footwear -- Part Two

See the prior post for the back story on this quilt work-in-progress.  After placing all the small pieces and fusing them into place it was time to do the detail stitching.  These photos show some of the stitching.  This first one show...
by Suture for a Living on Oct 25, 2013

Fantasy Footwear Quilt-- the Beginning

This quilt story will be told in multiple posts as I progress from the beginning to the quilt's completion. The inspiration for this quilt came from an old Stuart Weitzman shoe ad that I tore out of a magazine (don’t recall which magazine or the...
by Suture for a Living on Oct 11, 2013

Sunburst Finished!

I finished my entry for the Quilt Alliance Twenty contest.and mailed it off.   Here it is.  It is hand pieced and machine quilted, measures 20 in square.     Here's a closer view to show the quilting in the center.
by Suture for a Living on Mar 15, 2013

I Am So Awesome I Amaze Myself At Times!

For our wedding, we received TRUCKLOADS of gifts. My husband and I belong to a massive, mega church. Strangers I didn’t even know (I joined after we married) gave us some very stellar gifts. Well, because all of our parents are the youngest in...
by The Reverie of Asher Kade on Dec 27, 2012

My Heart Stopped When Quilt

I finished the small quilt which is a "repeat" of one I made a few years ago -- "You Melt My Heart."  It was inspired by Movin Meat’s post:  Fearful Symmetry.  As before, I took the EKG (photo credit), printed it...
by Suture for a Living on Sep 21, 2012

Progress Notes --- WIPs

I'm making progress knitting the Swirl jacket I began over a month ago.  It's either going to be wonderful or a big mess.  Not sure at the moment.  Here's what it looks like now Also working on a new quilting project.  It's...
by Suture for a Living on Sep 14, 2012

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