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Artist Forums Arts Forums Finally!

Finally!  A forum for artists to talk and share information! is very friendly and supportive. You can find: Art Events Art Chat Art News Art Shows Art School Questions You can network on kinds of art topics!  This...
by Ira Mency Artist Blog on Oct 22, 2012

Day #216 More flower drawings

So I’ve been drawing some more flowers lately. As you saw in my previous post, I made a drawing of a sunflower. I also decided to draw a tulip and will most likely think of some other types of flowers to draw and eventually turn in to tutorials...
by I 365 Art on Oct 21, 2012

The Line Between the Figurative and Abstract

Fishing in the Spring, Pont de Clichy Vincent Van Gogh Giclee Print Buy From The very nature of abstract art might lead us to suppose that it stands at an even further remove from Impressionism than Cubism did. The fact is, however, that by r...
by Art Burger on Apr 27, 2012

Day #37 How to draw a human face

This drawing was originally made for a drawing tutorial that I made yesterday. The blue hair was a little bit rushed. The original drawing, the character is bald as you can see in the tutorial xD. I am having a very … Continue reading →...
by I 365 Art on Feb 26, 2012

Day #34 High Jungle

Phew! I got about 90% of my homework done for this week early this morning! Woohoo! That gives me more time to work on some more new art for the blog xD. I’m actually really glad I did considering how … Continue reading →...
by I 365 Art on Feb 20, 2012

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