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Amplifying Crowdboosting in a Global Art Marketplace

New global crowdboosting site coming soon in beta...
by friday coming soon on Feb 7, 2012

Corporate Art Sales

One of the main reasons that a dentist, lawyer, bank or insurance agent wants to hang art on their walls is because it helps their client to feel more comfortable by giving them a friendly environment to do business in. It also helps the relationship...
by Digital Fine Art on Jun 16, 2009

Art Leads Desktop Application Update:

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by Digital Fine Art on Jun 10, 2009

Expectant Artist

I’m finally back in the studio after my lovely vacation.  My first 4 days back in town have been busy.  My grocery shopping and laundry are done, I’ve ordered 21 blank canvases and artist boards and 5 new tubes of oil paint, and my emai...

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