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Why do I write on Sheikhy Notes?

Back in 2007 I complied ideas and experiences on the subject of learning Arabic. At the time I was still putting notes on the blog. I did not see any need to put this article/post up. So I left it and did not go back to it for a few months. Event...
by Sheikhy Notes on Dec 17, 2016

What is fard /farz?

This is another commonly misunderstood principle by most people. Some may grasp part of it but neglect it as a whole. This is an addition to what was previously explained about the Sunnah we want to add this to the root of the main actions of Islam t...
by Sheikhy Notes on Sep 2, 2016

Causes of disagreement: I am right and you are wrong!

This is a minefield that you have just stumbled into and now we are going to get you! Is the type of attitude that is frequently found by people on chat groups and unsocial media. When they deem something to be a 'mistake.' Rather than overlook a mis...
by Sheikhy Notes on Aug 16, 2016

The responsibility of a normal Muslim

We decided to write this because we see many comments by uneducated people full of wrong information. They have not understood something, half understood something, deliberately misunderstood something, spreading ideas of their group or of their Pir/...
by Sheikhy Notes on Aug 13, 2016

6 Hacks for Grocery Shopping on a Budget

When trying to save money, grocery shopping can be a huge expense. This is especially true for large families, college students, or anyone who just needs to save a little money. Grocery shopping on a budget can sound a bit daunting, especially if you...
by Easy Family Meals on Jul 5, 2016

Your life is a supermarket

Ponder the following: Your life is like a supermarket. Some of you have a lot of money and can buy what you want. Most of you have limited funds, so watch your spending.  Some of you are lost in the music and entertainments, wasting your time. O...
by Sheikhy Notes on Jun 10, 2016

Al-Ghazali and I

Imam Muhammad ibn Muhammad Al-Ghazali (d.505/1111) was perhaps one of my greatest influences in my early years as a student. Understanding his influence is too great for small narrow-minded people to fathom.  During my early period as a student,...
by Sheikhy Notes on May 25, 2016

How the Prophet ﷺ treated women

This subject has been something that I have been pondering over for a while. I started to wonder what where the men misunderstanding? Why do men treat women so badly? After reading this you should have no doubt that those 'men' who treat women badly...
by Sheikhy Notes on Apr 1, 2016

How to spot a fake teacher?

This is one of the prevalent problems of this time and I wanted to make some points. I have been blessed to study the religion for over twelve years, so I have enough experience to tell apart a fake teacher from a real one! The problem is now that th...
by Sheikhy Notes on Feb 20, 2016

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