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Happy Plant

So it is true some plants respond to artificial light. This one is inside my room underneath my night lamp. I noticed leaves became shinier than when it was in my living room.I switched their places. Sanseviera plant was in here before. The sansevier...

Artificial Skylight Produces Incredibly Realistic Sunlight

Even underground spaces can be brightened by this incredibly realistic artificial light source.
by dornob on Feb 18, 2015

actor headshots: studio or location?

if you’re contemplating having some actor’s headshots for castings, you may have wondered whether you should have them taken in a studio or on location. in my many years of experience as a photographer, I cannot remember when I was ever aske...

Bringing the Natural Touch to Your Home through Indoor Garden

Alternatively, you can also try this method, which brings water in the walls. This unique room accessories can be done by placing an aquarium made ​​this built on the wall. Occupant space was as if enjoying “living painting” fresh fis...
by Home Garden Air on Apr 2, 2014

suzanne tidwell – yarn bombing

image 1, 2 How have I not seen this sooner!?  As someone who uses yarn to crochet, I am head over heals for this newfound “yarn bombing” by artist Suzanne Tidwell.  She doesn’t crochet this yarn onto trees but knits … Contin...
by Domestic Peacock on Aug 2, 2012

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