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Vulnerability is Powerful: An Interview with Kylie Odetta

Eighteen-year-old singer/songwriter Kylie Odetta emerges from the din of pop stardom to reveal a serious talent with her most recent EP, High Dreamer, having consciously pared down its production by complementing her vocals with discreet, often piano...
by Write On Music on Apr 20, 2016

We Believe in Those Songs: Bruce Foxton, From The Jam to The Fans

More than three decades after disbanding, The Jam continue to inspire a fiercely loyal following as well as a legacy that only magnifies with each passing year. Last year alone, the amount of archival releases and other such homages devoted to the...
by Write On Music on Jan 25, 2016

The Temperance Movement: Ain't No Telling How Far They'll Go

The Temperance Movement had already opened for the Rolling Stones on a handful of dates last year, but when the nascent British-based band got the nod to do it again this past June at Orlando’s Citrus Bowl, age-old anxieties emerged. Of the sold-ou...
by Write On Music on Aug 18, 2015

Shannon LaBrie: Music is Where I Belong

It wasn’t until she moved to Nashville in her early twenties that Shannon LaBrie made up her mind to pursue a career in music. Far from chasing some starry-eyed or naïve ambition, however, LaBrie was calling on a lifetime to that point spent learn...
by Write On Music on Jan 26, 2014

Adieu Deborah Turbeville!

I don’t like mourning. Nor the news of blues. The death or illnesses are not dreamy at all in reality. But they are part of this petite world we know. We just cannot avoid them, I guess. We rarely talk about these kinds of things here. Therefor...
by misslikey on Oct 26, 2013

Ricky Byrd: I Still Love Rock 'N' Roll

“I’ve been waiting to do this for years,” Ricky Byrd snarls before throwing his guitar into gear and careening it through “Rock 'N' Roll Boys,” the rabble-rousing opening track on Lifer (Kayos Records), his solo debut. It’s a blink-and-yo...
by Write On Music on Aug 30, 2013

Marissa Nadler: Music Helps Me Cope

“Sometimes I wish I didn’t feel things so deeply,” Marissa Nadler confides, soft-spoken yet assured, “but it does make it easier to write from a place of feeling.”  It’s a telling revelation, suggestive not only of uncommon honesty and...
by Write On Music on Aug 15, 2013

Artist Profile: Kristin “Foxy” Allen

Welcome to my second spotlight on nerdy artists of whom you may (or may not) have heard. It is my pleasure to be able to show off some of the amazing folks out there who create one of a kind pieces that anyone can own. Some of them are established in...
by Geeks of Doom on Jul 6, 2013

Susanna Hoffs: A Bangle Finds Balance

by Write On Music on Feb 24, 2013

ZZ Ward Makes A Dynamic First Impression

Singer/songwriter ZZ Ward makes a dynamic first impression with her debut LP, ‘Til the Casket Drops (Boardwalk/Hollywood Records), deftly imbuing elements of blues, hip/hop, and pop with juke-joint earthiness and some serious pipes. “I’ve alway...
by Write On Music on Jan 31, 2013

Photographer Marcus Lawett

For those of you who read my blog regularly know that I have my camera attached to my hip wherever I go :) Photography for me has become an all consuming passion. I am still trying to figure all the techniques. There is so much to learn and...
by My Dream Canvas on Jan 10, 2013

Sebastian Mikael: An Artist On The Verge

Sebastian Mikael didn’t write his first song until he was 18, but the now-24-year-old singer/songwriter is emerging as a versatile artist of significant talent and promise. “I still feel like I’m always learning, always developing,” says Mi...
by Write On Music on Dec 10, 2012

The Artist Pepa Poch

 I am swooning over the painting of this oriental turquoise tea set. The artist is Pepa Poch A Catalan artist, creator and painter. Click here to view more images of her work and for a glimpse of her lovely home in Costa Brava in Spain...
by My Dream Canvas on Oct 24, 2012

Artist Profile ( ေဇရဲ )

by MyanmarHipHopChannel on Oct 2, 2012

Adam Cohen: The Man Comes Around

His father may as well be Odysseus for all the reverence and mythologies ascribed to his lineage, but today Adam Cohen comes across as having struggled less with the notion of living in Leonard Cohen’s shadow than with living up to his own artistic...
by Write On Music on Sep 4, 2012

Singer/Songwriter Megan Reilly: Music and Motherhood

“I know when I’m writing something and I just get this feeling that comes over me,” singer/songwriter Megan Reilly explains. “And that’s really spiritual and powerful. “But it doesn’t always come,” she says in the next breath, “an...
by Write On Music on Aug 23, 2012

Career Image Zazzle Bestsellers - Artist Profile Card - Customizable Business Card

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by Fashion Faves on Aug 12, 2012

The Color Caravan Online Sale

Hello my lovely readers. Today, I am here to share something that you simply cannot miss :) An online sale by The Color Caravan based in India.  This is a venture that links rural Indian artisans to the urban market. It pres...
by My Dream Canvas on Jul 27, 2012

Listen Up, It's Buddy Guy

“It’s kind of scary,” says Buddy Guy, his voice quivering with ominous unease. “Blues music is like an endangered species almost. “The few of us that’s still left,” he adds, “they don’t play our music for some reason much anymore, h...
by Write On Music on Jun 26, 2012

Live From New York, It's The Young Things

The Bowery isn’t the mecca for rock ‘n’ roll mayhem anymore, but the rambunctious, punk-spiked spirit of its ‘70s heyday is alive and kicking in the music of The Young Things. The band is currently recording a full-length effort slated fo...
by Write On Music on May 26, 2012

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