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$5 MP3 Album Deal: Van Morrison ‘Astral Weeks’

Astral Weeks, by Van Morrison, and regarded by many as one of the top ten records of all time, is now available on MP3 format from Amazon this month for only $5.00. With its breathless stripped down emotional wallop, Astral Weeks, even though it’s...
by Geeks of Doom on Nov 29, 2012

Alors, il est comment le nouveau Fleet Foxes?

« Helplessness Blues », le deuxième album des cinq de Seattle, sortira le 3 mai, mais on peut déjà l’écouter en ligne sur Deezer and Co. Et alors, il est comment le nouveau Fleet Foxes? Ben, pas terrible terrible en fait...
by Rock & Fuck on Apr 30, 2011

10 Great Rock and Roll Debut Albums

Rock and roll music has an incredibly rich catalog of artists’ first recordings that not only showcase formidable talent but, sometimes, become career-defining moments. Call it beginner’s luck, call it the result for hard dues paid, here...
by Classic Rock Music Blog on Jan 7, 2010

Van Morrison Tour: Van Morrison Astral Weeks World Tour

Better late than never. 40 years after Van Morrison's Astral Weeks album was released to critical acclaim and lukewarm popularity, the Astral Weeks World Tour has begun. Well...sort of. If you call 4 more dates a World Tour. After performing Astral W...
by fileunderi on Mar 8, 2009

Ticket Sales of the Weekend

Image via Wikipedia Billy Joel & Elton John in Chicago and Philadelphia - Ticketmaster | TicketStumbler Keith Urban& Taylor Swift shows with Taylor Swift as the opening act - Ticketmaster | TicketStumbler Taylor Swift
by TicketStumbler on Feb 14, 2009

Van Morrison On Sale Sunday

From Madison Square Garden Insider __ Early On Sale SUNDAY! Van Morrison Friday, February 27 & Saturday, February 28 WaMu Theater at Madison Square Garden Early On Sale: Sun., 1/18 at 10AM – Sat., 1/24 at 10PM Van Morrison return.
by TicketStumbler on Jan 15, 2009

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