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Inspection Details

When insane asylums were inspected, nearly anything going on was fair game for examination. During St. Elizabeths’ 1906 investigation, Dr. Harry Hummer, who later became superintendent at the Canton Asylum for Insane Indians gave testimony conc...

Inspection Results

The two federal institutions for the insane (St. Elizabeths and the Canton Asylum for Insane Indians) were investigated several times. In 1926, the comptroller general of the United States listed his findings concerning the investigation into St. Eli...

German anti-migrant protest: 'We don't want to be strangers in our own country'

Dresden, Germany (CNN) — Every Monday evening in Dresden, thousands gather in front of the city's Opera House. They carry German flags and sing nationalist songs with one goal: to stop refugees and migrants from coming to Germany.Thomas is one of t...
by Eye On The World on Oct 20, 2015

Asylum Comparisons

St. Elizabeths and the Canton Asylum for Insane Indians were investigated a number of times during the early twentieth century. Both were federal insane asylums, but they were also quite different. St. Elizabeths was very much a medical facility, whi...

Muslim Invaders Sue Germany For Not Giving Them Money Fast Enough

(Breitbart) Twenty migrants have sued the Berlin State Office for Health and Social Affairs because they had to wait more than a week to register their asylum cases and receive welfare handouts. They are demanding instant payment.Germany is strugglin...
by Eye On The World on Oct 15, 2015

A Nice Place to Visit

The city of Canton, SD was proud of its asylum, and it was certainly a building that looked good. With electric lights, indoor plumbing, and coal heat, the building was probably a step up from what many residents enjoyed themselves. The town itself a...

The Staggering Scale of Germany’s Refugee Project

 Imagine that civil wars in Central America doubled the number of undocumented immigrants entering the United States. Now imagine all those migrants heading to California.
by Vreemdelingenrecht on Sep 13, 2015

It's the beginning of the end of Europe

Refugees in Munich, Germany. 'The refugees, who are mostly Muslims, have turned Germany intoa territory in which they will set the tone and become the real rulers' (Photo: AFP)(Ynet) OpEd: The Europeans are failing to realize that Muslim refugees wil...
by Eye On The World on Sep 9, 2015

Syrian refugees in Uruguay say they want to move elsewhere

MONTEVIDEO (Reuters) - Five families of Syrian refugees granted asylum in Uruguay last year protested outside the president's offices on Monday, demanding they be allowed to leave the South American country in search of better jobs, even back in the...
by Eye On The World on Sep 8, 2015

Refugees in Europe: Christians welcome - Muslims keep out

Arab caricature: Refugees knocking on Europe's door, which doesn't want them, as other Arab nations build fencesand yell at Europe: 'Why won't you open the door for them?'Slovakia says Muslims won't feel at home within their borders, while Cyprus...
by Eye On The World on Sep 8, 2015

Austria says time to phase out emergency measures on migrants

VIENNA (Reuters) - Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann said on Sunday it was time to phase out extraordinary measures allowing the unimpeded inflow of thousands of migrants from Hungary to Austria and Germany."We have always said this is an emergency...
by Eye On The World on Sep 6, 2015

The most ungrateful migrant in the world

Alaa Esayed found refuge here from Iraq in 2008 and began using her home as a base inKennington to become the Twitter Terrorist(Daily Mail) South London’s leafy district of Kennington is one of the city’s best-kept secrets. In this quiet area fam...
by Eye On The World on Sep 6, 2015

A Cost Analysis

Interested parties (mainly in South Dakota) wanted an asylum established exclusively for insane Indians, and tried to make a case for it. They met with a complete lack of support from the superintendent (William W. Godding) of the only other federal...

At a Berlin church, Muslim refugees converting in droves

Iranian asylum-seekers Aref Movasaq Rodsari, left, and Vesam Heydari stand in the Trinity Church in Berlin, Germany,Aug. 13, 2015. Hundreds of mostly Iranian and Afghan asylum seekers who have converted to Christianity at theevangelical Trinity Churc...
by Eye On The World on Sep 4, 2015

Sicily: Migrants attacked in violent reprisals for murder of pensioners by Ivorian Mamadou Kamara

Mamadou Kamara, 18, from Ivory Coast has been arrested over a double murder in Palagonia, Sicily(IBT) Two migrants have been assaulted and robbed by a gang of Sicilian youths in what police fear is a retribution attack for the murder of two pensioner...
by Eye On The World on Sep 2, 2015

August ’15 in Recap

What I can say about August is that the month actually has a lot of flavor. Catch a couple of good movies from cable and... The post August ’15 in Recap appeared first on Inspired Ground.
by Inspired Ground on Sep 2, 2015

Boek: Routledge Handbook of Immigration and Refugee Studies (new)

About the BookThe Routledge Handbook of Immigration and Refugee Studies offers a comprehensive and unique study of the multi-disciplinary field of international migration and asylum studies. Utilising contemporary information and analysis, this in...
by Vreemdelingenrecht on Aug 31, 2015

Canton Asylum Given Much Thought

Though the Canton Asylum for Insane Indians had many problems throughout its operation, the facility itself had been the subject of much consideration before its construction. When Senator Richard F. Pettigrew, Chairman of of the Committee on Indian...

Muslim “refugee” colonizers flooding Europe, shouting “Allahu Akbar!”

Meanwhile, Germany opens its gates: Berlin says all Syrian asylum-seekers are welcome to remain, as Britain is urged to make a 'similar statement'.Germans resist the Islamic invasion - attack immigration Center.
by Eye On The World on Aug 26, 2015

Muslim migrants in Macedonia refuse Red Cross parcels because of... the red cross

(Skopje) The headless chicken reaction by the leaders of the European Union regarding mass migration by hundreds of thousands of people has resulted in these so called refugees not only demanding to be allowed to go where they want to go, but insisti...
by Eye On The World on Aug 23, 2015

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