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The Need for Speed (and some patience)

Photographing birds in flight and coming away with a few sharp frames is very satisfying. Photographing swallows and getting anything is a bonus. Coming away with a whole bunch of shots happens very rarely. Welcome Swallows, like all swallows are sup...
by Wild Eye View on Mar 30, 2016

All For A Mouthful of Frogs

Variety is the spice of life. There is no point in eating the same food when there is so much more still to be tasted. No point to drink the same wine and beer with so much more still needing sampling and no point traveling to the same old places whe...
by Wild Eye View on Jan 1, 2016

A Two Tick Outback Trip

Sometimes you just have to close the door get in the car and drive nine hundred km’s for a break! If you want to really get away from it all in Australia then this is the minimum distance required to leave all the city slickers behind. At first...
by Wild Eye View on Aug 23, 2015

Emu Super Scoopers

They say, find a waterhole and Africa comes to you. Well, it seems this old adage applies equally well in Australia! While driving round the Bowra Conservancy near Cunnamulla over Easter we came across a waterhole with great photography potential and...
by Wild Eye View on Apr 10, 2015

Fair Game (1986) Trailer

Fair Game...
by Film trailers World on Aug 31, 2014

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (1985) Trailer

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome...
by Film trailers World on Aug 28, 2014

Yes Sir!

If you were asked to describe the colors of Australia in three words they would have to be Olive Green, Sky Blue and Red Earth. But when it comes to Australia’s psittacines or parrots their range of colors is astounding. So you can imagine how...
by Wild Eye View on May 17, 2014

Another Emu Eye

An Australian Emu giving me the eye. Comparing the birds living in the outback with those in sanctuaries in the city it’s clear how hard life in the outback of Australia really is.
by Wild Eye View on May 10, 2014

Big Birds in the Land of Big Sky

One of the most striking things about Australia is the contrast between it’s blue sky, olive green plants and deep orange-red soil. But most of all it’s a land of big sky. Big sky made all the more bigger and colorful by the absolute lack...
by Wild Eye View on May 9, 2014

Too Many Woodswallows To Swallow

One thing in a wildlife photographers life that is for sure is that no two days of photography are ever the same. One day you can be scratching for shots, the next you get more than you can ever hope to process. It’s strange how sometimes you c...
by Wild Eye View on May 3, 2014

Dive Bathing

It’s not often that you come across a bird that has a clean feet obsessive compulsive disorder. At least that is the conclusion we came to after watching White Plumed Honeyeaters drink and bath. White Plumed Honeyeaters are common throughout a...
by Wild Eye View on Apr 26, 2014

Photoprint for Sale: Railway Hotel, Old Gold Mining Town, Ravenswood, Queensland

This is an original photoprint from my personal collectionSize of image is 30cm x 46cm (12" x 18").Price is $NZ 50.00 inc. urban p. and p. in NZ.Please contact me at or 09 4159 701.© DON DONOVAN.  www. don-...
by Don Donovan's World on Oct 29, 2013

Alice Springs: the Australian Outback

The Australian Outback is not a region, but rather the sunburnt, deep rust-colored, desert areas that stretch from Kununurra in Western Australia, up north, to Mildura in Victoria, down south. The so-called Outback also incorporates land around Glen...
by Heather on her travels on May 7, 2012

About Alice Springs

  Alice spring have been named as Mparntwe by the local inhabitants with the area. It’s the single most popular geographical sites that are found in the northern territory of Australia. In an effort to describe the web page, you must know the...
by HealthyU on Mar 20, 2012

Coober Pedy -Australia

How many of you remember the often stark backdrops in such films as Mad Max beyond Thunderdome, Red Planet and Priscilla Queen of the Desert? Many of those vistas were supplied courtesy of Coober Pedy, a small township in North South Australia. Mos...
by Kiwi Travel and Tours on Oct 19, 2010

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