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Julstämningen börjar infinna sig

Äntligen känner jag att julen närmar sig. Granen är klädd och huset ser någorlunda städat ut. Visst finns det mer att göra, men det börjar kännas som jul. Temperaturen ligger på 32c i skuggan, solen skiner och jag njuter av Jamie Olivers j...
by Swe-Aussie X-mas on Dec 17, 2016

Direktflug von Europa nach Australien

Die australische Airline Qantas plant eine Direktverbindung zwischen Europa und Australien. Direktflüge von London nach Perth sind ab 2018 geplant. Wer von Europa nach Australien fliegt muss auf seiner Reise mindestens einen Zwischenstopp einlegen.
by Christian Gewiese on Dec 12, 2016

Christmas in Brisbane

Hello from King George Square in Brisbane and our beautiful Christmas tree!♥ ♥ ♥Hej från King George Square och vår fina julgran i Brisbane!Met up with my Australian born Swedish friend Jazz for the first time in 25 years.It felt like we hadn...
by Swe-Aussie X-mas on Dec 10, 2016

Holiday catch up

Yesterday was  a clean-up day at school, so my kids didn't have to go. Instead, Jonah went to work with his dad and Lily and I had a lovely catch/up with our friends from school.Jonah at his dad's work...
by Swe-Aussie X-mas on Dec 10, 2016

Christmas Carols 2016

Igår var det dags för årets Christmas Carols - alltså julsånger för hela slanten. Varje år anordnas det julkonsert på barnens skola. Varje årskurs (fem klasser ungefär) sjunger julsånger tillsammans på den juliga scenen. Prepklasserna bö...
by Swe-Aussie X-mas on Dec 2, 2016

Aussie Father's Day 2016

Happy Father's Day to all dads out there!The kids celebrated their dad with presents purchased at school and later on we'll munch on a scrumptious chocolate cake.
by Swedish Corner - Down Under on Sep 4, 2016

Can't wait...

Ännu en julgoding som jag hittade hos Countdown to Christmas!Just nu, här i Australien är vi inne i termin 3 (av 4) Det är bara 2,5 veckor kvar tills kidsens vårlov och sedan är det bara 10 veckor kvar tills jullovet (sommarlovet) Japp, jag har...
by Swe-Aussie X-mas on Aug 31, 2016

Book Week 2016

Late last week we had Book Week Parade at school.Students from Prep to Year 6 dressed up in anything Australian, from their favourite book character to Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin... and anything in between ☺Some of the Year 1 students dressed up...
by Swedish Corner - Down Under on Aug 29, 2016


Talk about being MIA for a long time... I haven't posted anything for over a month. I've been more active on Instagram, though, on SwedishCornerDownUnder. Feel free to follow me there ♥Ok, so what's been happening in my neck of the woods since...
by Swedish Corner - Down Under on Aug 23, 2016

ESTA für die USA und eVisitor (subclass 651) für Australien

Die Planung für unseren Australien Urlaub schreitet immer weiter voran. Genauso wie in die USA brauchen wir auch für die Reise nach Australien ein elektronisches Visum. Heute vergleiche ich einmal das ESTA für die USA und das eVisitor subclass(651...
by Mein Reiseblog on Jul 11, 2016

School holiday fun with friends

How relaxing does this look?During the school holidays we visited our Swaustralian friends who live out in woop-woop ☺It was so lovely to catch up and spend quality time together!The kids were playing and the fire was on!My friend Petra and IJonah...
by Swedish Corner - Down Under on Jul 9, 2016

Gotta love the school holidays

Gotta love the school holidays!Due to Lily's unfortunate accident we've been home pretty much the whole week. The kids have been relaxing, playing xbox and watching youtube. I've been able to potter around the house, done heaps of laundry, cleaning,...
by Swedish Corner - Down Under on Jul 1, 2016

Yesterday... What a day!

Yesterday was hubby's birthday. As soon he came home from work he had to take Lily to the medical centre... Let's start from the beginning. After our day out with friends, I made a cake for the birthday boy, let it rest in the oven with the oven...
by Swedish Corner - Down Under on Jun 29, 2016

A day out with friends

The kids and I had a day out with some friends from school.We had lunch and played at IKEAI had salmon... and the kids ate meatballs ☺Creative cooking ☺ ♥ Happy Swedish Midsummer from IKEA ♥Afterwards we visited The Candy Academy at Loga...
by Swedish Corner - Down Under on Jun 28, 2016

Blue n Yellow in my heart

Feeling a bit extra Swedish this time of the year, due to all the Swedish celebrations going on. Maybe I'm missing my old home country too, perhaps...It's been about 15 years since I experienced a Swedish Summer.Luckily, I have all these Sw...
by Swedish Corner - Down Under on Jun 28, 2016

Midsummer Corner

I finally got around to do some Midsummer decorating. Jeez, things don't happen fast these days. The Swedish Midsummer weekend is well and truly over.But, Welcome to my Midsummer Corner!It's normally my Autumn corner with lots of Autum...
by Swedish Corner - Down Under on Jun 27, 2016

Last day of term 2

Yesterday was the last day of Term 2 in Semester 1 and time for the last parade before the school holidays. We said Thank you and Goodbye to Mrs Francis, our much loved deputy principal who is retiring after 25 years at our school.Lily...
by Swedish Corner - Down Under on Jun 25, 2016

Senior Sport's Day 2016

It was a cold and windy day, but the Senior Sport's Day still went ahead. J with his friend MLunch break with the boys - a nice bunch of kids!Google+ created this little movie from photos I took during the event!The kids had a great Sport's Day!
by Swedish Corner - Down Under on Jun 25, 2016

Prämienflug nach Australien

Auf nach Australien, für uns endlich Realität im November 2016! So sind wir jetzt gerade eifrig am Planen. Zuerst suchten wir natürlich Flüge. Wir hatten Meilen gesammelt und wollten einen Prämienflug nach Australien. Doch genau dieser Punkt ges...
by Mein Reiseblog on Jun 20, 2016

Road Trip Reminisce

It's been two years since our little family had a weekend holiday away from home. Yep, you read it correctly... Two years! We are not spoilt with trips, holidays or vacations... ☺This was our first road trip as a family and hopefully this wasn't ou...
by Swedish Corner - Down Under on May 29, 2016

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