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Donald Trump's Policies - Part Five, Tax Reform

I hold the Libertarian philosophy, so, my bottom line position on taxes is that they’re theft, and no one in the Liberty movement said it better than Murray Rothbard. That being the case, the best tax reform is to repudiate them, as Rothbard said.
by Clio's Lessons on Jun 2, 2016

Robert Wenzel's 30 Day Reading Challenge - Day 16

It has been far too long since I've done a video. Here is Murray Rothbard's "Repudiate the National Debt", Day 16 of Robert Wenzel's 30 Day Reading Challenge. Sorry about the birds in the background. We moved into a new house, and where I'm now doing...
by Clio's Lessons on Apr 29, 2014

The Fruits of Neoliberal Economic Thought.

Over the weekend, when I was not playing poker, I read this long piece on neoliberal economics. It’s a very long, exhaustive and thick read and it took me a while to absorb all the major points. I wanted to distill this excellent critique of neolib...
by Left with Balls on Apr 15, 2014

This is what happens when you run a conspiracy blog.

Zerohedge – the anti-Fed, libertarian, gold-standard conspiracy blog, that’s been seeing inflation and economic collapse everywhere for the last 5 years, scored a big victory lately. Or so they think. Russians have pulled about $100bn of...
by Left with Balls on Mar 15, 2014

Robert Wenzel's 30 Day Reading Challenge - Day 14

The healthcare debate has been going on for quite some time, both here and overseas. Rothbard's article about Hillarycare illustrates that the Devil is in more than just the details, in fact, he is behind the principles as well. This article is, as R...
by Clio's Lessons on Jul 11, 2013

Robert Wenzel's 30 Day Reading Challenge - Day 13

Day 13 of Robert Wenzel's 30 Day Reading Challenge brings us more Murray Rothbard. I'm loving his articles, when I read them that is! Condensing them into summaries for a video, that's a bit more challenging, however! This article is about Praxeology...
by Clio's Lessons on Jun 6, 2013

An Introduction To The Sound Principles Of Austrian Economics

The Austrian view on economics - many know it from the surface, but a minority has studied the principles. This article explains the basics and applies it to today's economy. It appears that the world could avoid a lot of suffering by applying the so...
by Gold Silver Worlds on Mar 17, 2013

Some conflicted professor has advice for Keynesians.

A confused professor thinks we, Keynesians, don’t understand Keynes at all. He thinks we think Keynes advocated for planned economy and proceeds to demonstrate that Keynes was at times a supporter of free markets. As such, Keynesians and progress...
by Left with Balls on Feb 14, 2013

Why laissez-faire advocates are wrong to resist regulations.

My critique of unregulated markets does not stem from the fact that I long for a planned economy. Quite the contrary: I criticize the unregulated markets because their occasional failures revive the delusional far left theories that we all thought we...
by Left with Balls on Feb 6, 2013

The Tragedy Of The Euro! What About Germany?

This article is written by Brecht Arnaert who is the editor of, an in-depth newsletter for preservation of capital, with the support from Global Gold. 2012 has been a year of great turmoil for the euro. But our economy is [...]...
by Gold Silver Worlds on Nov 10, 2012

Money Is Neutral – The Great Keynesian Fallacy

This article is an excerpt from the Mountain Vision newsletter. We stronlgy encourage you to subscribe to the service. In this week´s edition of Mountain Vision, I will dig deeper into a subject I have only indirectly touched upon in some [...]...
by Gold Silver Worlds on Nov 7, 2012

Santelli Reveals Obama’s “Ostrich Economics”

Rick Santelli’s segment on CNBC should be entitled “Economics For Dummies” and it should be required viewing for the Obama administration and Ben Bernanke. He destroys the feel good notion of a reduction of the unemployment data wit...
by Guerillatics on May 4, 2012

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