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Autocomplete Textbox Using Jquery

I am working on a project which need to do something like that user enter some letter and that will suggest data from database or some static array. Bia research on google and many sites finally i got Jquery autocomplete Continue reading → The...

What Is The Most Googled Price In Alabama

The blog Fixr published a list of the most googled cost of the thing or service in each state.  Each of the findings are based on Google’s top autocomplete search suggestion while typing in “How much does * cost in … Continue reading ͛...
by Geek Alabama on Mar 20, 2015

Autocomplete as a Service — Serves data for autocomplete on mobile apps and websites

“ It's pretty much a "backend as a service" for autocomplete ”– Eric WillisDiscussion | Link...
by Bir Fikrin mi Var on Mar 18, 2015

Google Chrome 支持 autocomplete 属性

最新的Google Chrome浏览器,开始支持 autocomplete 属性,这可以帮助用户在填写表单的时候,不容易填错,对于站长来说,当然提高了用户填表的成功率。 当用户填错,返回再来,两次就可以让...
by SEO网站优化及网站推广 on Mar 17, 2015

Google Feud — Family Feud meets Google. Guess the autocomplete query.

“ This is fun and very difficult. People search Google for the strangest things. h/t @alyssabereznak for tipping me off to this one. ”– Ryan HooverDiscussion | Link...
by Bir Fikrin mi Var on Mar 14, 2015

Gmail's autocomplete is broken

Before you send out something through Gmail, make sure to check if you have the right person in the recipient field -- trust us on this one. Google's email service has been having autocomplete issues, which people started noticing over the past few d...
by engadget on Feb 23, 2015

Implementing Autocomplete in ASP.NET Textbox

A great new aspect of the TextBox control is the AutoCompleteType attribute, which enables you to apply the auto-completion feature to your own forms. <%@ Page Language="C#" %><html xmlns="http://www.w...
by Programming Door on Feb 4, 2015

[TUTORIAL] Frontend Masters – jQuery UI Autocomplete Walkthrough

Description: Scott Gonzalez lead developer for jQuery UI dives into patterns and practices for writing jQuery plugins and how you can make your plugins stateful. Scott covers many of the jQuery UI plugins in-depth pointing out strengths and weaknesse...
by tutgfx on Jun 13, 2014

pengertian AutoComplete

pengertian AutoComplete adalah Fungsi yang menampilkan perkiraan kata yang akan dimasukkan tanpa harus mengetikkan keseluruhan kata. Fasilitas AutoComplete terdapat pada hampir semua web browser atau aplikasi pengolah kata seperti Microsoft Office.
by pengertianpengertian on Nov 10, 2013

Wie kann man bestimmte Webseiten im Verlauf von Firefox löschen?

Hallo, Sir Apfelot! Ich habe eine Frage: Ich nutze den Firefox Webbrowser und möchte nicht, dass bestimmte Domains, die ich häufiger besuche, oben in der URL-Zeile beim Autovervollständigen auftauchen. Es ist immer etwas peinlich, wenn ich bei Kun...
by Sir Apfelots Apple Blog on Aug 23, 2013

Finally a Keyword Research Program That Will End Writer’s Block

Is This Keyword Research Program the Answer to End Writer’s Block? If you write on a blog, website, or some other place on the internet (maybe to earn some extra cash on websites like Hubpages or Squidoo) yet struggle with writer’s block,...
by on Jan 22, 2013

Disable the autocomplete for a specific field in Axapta

To Disable the autocomplete properties for a specific field of table in Axapta you can try following single line code on any event of control or init method of form. element.delAutoCompleteString(this);
by Axapta coverage and tutorials on Dec 27, 2012

Bettina Wulff and the trouble with fighting Google’s autocomplete

Follow @JTN_Network                               JTN-News watch  Bettina Wulff and the trouble with fighting Google’s autocomplete (via The Christian Science Monitor) Germany’s former first lady Bettina W...
by @JTN_Network on Oct 8, 2012

Bettina Wulff und Google

by Fachanwalt für IT-Recht on Sep 9, 2012

Using Autocomplete to harvest Keyword Phrases

                                                             KeywordResearcherAs many of you kn...
by Trixandlife on Jul 15, 2012

Rails 3 ajax Autocomplete with jQuery and jQuery UI theme

So we want a form element with autocomplete. First thing to do is installing jquery-rails and jquery-ui-themes gems and require in Gemfile. Then require one of the jQuery UI theme into app/assets/stylesheets/application.css  *= require_self &nb...
by Ruby on Rails tutorials on Feb 29, 2012

Google Algorithm Update 2012 : Google’s Latest Algorithm Changes (They Don’t Include Panda)

By Chris Crum at WebProNews Landing page quality matters more in image search As you may know, Google has been putting out a monthly list of algorithm changes it has been making, as part of the company’s initiative to be “more transparent”. G...

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