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Banana Flower & Cabbage Rice, Vazhaipoo Muttaikose Sadam

          Vazhaipoo/Banana Flower and Purple Cabbage, we love this combination at home, I usually make a poriyal/stir fry with this combo and they go very well together. So when I had a little bit of cabbage and half a banana...
by Aromatic Cooking on Aug 18, 2016

Baby Corn Pepper Fry

Last July when I had been to Mangalore, my co-sister had prepared this lovely dish when she invited us over for dinner. Something as simple as baby corn became a massive hit with everyone that evening. I loved it so much that I asked her for the reci...

Baby corn, μανιτάρια και φρέσκο κρεμμυδάκι / Bhutta hara pyaza

Detox Days – the Beginning

Re-training your taste buds to be excited about what is often referred to as “Rabbit food”can be very challenging… Take Me for example – if the food is not fatty, meaty, gooey and lush, don’t even talk to me about it, le...
by Greedy Foodster on Oct 27, 2015

Baby Corn fritters | quick and easy snack

Baby Corn fritters | quick and easy snack | How to make… The post Baby Corn fritters | quick and easy snack appeared first on foodlok.
by litti in microwave on Jul 16, 2015

Recipe: Easy Mushroom Teriyaki with noodles

An easy vegetarian recipe for mushroom teriyak that is busting with colour, flavour and vegetables. The post Recipe: Easy Mushroom Teriyaki with noodles appeared first on Fuss Free Flavours.
by Fuss Free Flavours on Jun 29, 2015

Spicy Sin Hoi baby corn for Monsoon

“Life is like a roller-caster ride. It has its ups and downs. But its your choice to scream or enjoy the ride.” By some sane unknown person. And honestly speaking I did scream out all the time. I did not enjoy the ride. Last few months we...
by saffronstreaks on Jul 30, 2014

Still Cooking From Boxes: Baby Corn Hara Masala, The Indian Version of Chili Verde.

   We're 19 days into the moving process around here. We're still living out of boxes, and spending every spare moment looking at wood for cabinets and granite for counters. We've bought our appliances but right now the kitchen is a wastela...
by The Colors Of Indian Cooking on May 3, 2014

Baby Corn Pepper Fry Recipe

Baby Corn Pepper Fry Recipe  Baby Corn Pepper Fry Baby corns are the young corns that are harvested early when the ears are small and immature. They are very popular in Asian dishes and are used in stir fired dishes. … Continue reading →...

Brown jasmine rice, ‪prawns, snap peas and baby corn.‬

Grains week. Day 4: brown jasmine rice, ‪prawns, coriander, coconut cream, snap peas, baby corn, dried chilli flakes‬...
by SaladPride on Jul 20, 2013

Edamame Salad with Wasabi Dressing

Recipe: Edamame Salad with Wasabi Dressing Ingredients 16 ozs edamame (frozen shelled, c) 4 radishes (thinly sliced) 2 scallions (thinly sliced) 16 ozs baby corn (cut into 1/2 inch pieces) 2 ozs pimento (sliced) For the dressing: 2 tbsp. dried wasabi...
by What2Cook on Apr 23, 2013

Shrimp Stirfry

  Recipe: Shrimp Stirfry Ingredients Sauce: 1/4 Cup Soy Sauce 2 Tablespoons Oyster Sauce 1 Tablespoon Sherry 1/4 teaspoon Roasted Sesame Seed Oil 1/4 teaspoon Garlic Powder 1/8 teaspoon Ginger Powder Stir Fry: 6 Tablespoons Vegetable Oil (I use...
by What2Cook on Apr 19, 2013

Pork Medallions in Balsamic Gravy with Spinach & Cheese Bruchetti RECIPE!

search feed Welcome back to yet another deliciously simple recipe! Our previous World Tour Party Cocktail definately kept us busy, so today we decided to prepare something a lighter, Pork Medallions with Bruschetti. This meal is also considered a...
by Antonio's Kitchen on Mar 29, 2013

Baby Corn Manchurian

Baby Corn Manchurian is one of the Indo-Chinese Manchurian recipes and it is very delicious Chinese Indian baby corn recipe. Cooking Time: Appr. 15 Minutes Serves: 2 People Ingredients: 12-15 baby corn 1 small onion, chopped 1 small bunch of Spring o...
by Your Cookery Book on Feb 23, 2013

Baby Corn Production Guide

Young cob corn (Zea mays L.), the newly developed corn, has been used by Chinese as vegetable for generations and this practice has spread to other Asian countries. It is used as ingredient in most food preparations. It has nutritive value similar to...
by Business Diary Philippines on May 27, 2012

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