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20 Cool Green Kids Rooms To Inspire

Green is not always one’s first thought for a child’s room. Sage green, sure, we see a lot of that especially in gender ambiguous nurseries. But it takes some serious courage of spirit to slather a vivid verde on those walls. There are ma...
by Kidsomania on Oct 22, 2012

14 Ideas To Decorate A Nursery In A Fresh Color Combo: Yellow And Aqua

Aqua and yellow have proved to be a soothing yet sunny and fresh color combo for nurseries. The minty blue-green aqua is cool and calm and yellow hues (from canary to gold) add warmth and cheer. Besides, the combination is gender neutral, so the room...
by Kidsomania on Oct 22, 2012

12 Delightful Nursery Design Ideas For Multiples

Preparing a nursery for one child already seems to be not an easy task. But designing a nursery for multiples is a real challenge, so you have to double your efforts. But if you want your baby’s nursery to look adorable and lovely, you should try t...
by Kidsomania on Oct 15, 2012

12 Ideas To Decorate A Nusery Room With Mobile Paper Lanterns

Want a quick and easy way to decorate your  nursery room? You can try paper lanterns! Paper lanterns are a simple and inexpensive way to add a modern and unique feel to nursery room. Also decorating with paper lanterns gives a space a fun and festiv...
by Kidsomania on Aug 24, 2012

13 Luxurious Nursery Bedroom Design Ideas

Loving parents want their son or daughter to grow up as a prince or princess. They surround their baby with care and kindness from childhood, buy only the most beautiful furniture for his or her bedroom and decorate it in pastel colors. You ca...
by Kidsomania on Aug 6, 2012

Blue And White Nursery Bedroom Design For A Boy

A nursery bedroom is an important place where a baby spends much time in his or her young age. He or she sleeps, plays and learns speaking the first words and doing the first steps here. If your baby is not born yet or he or she is less than 2 years...
by Kidsomania on Aug 2, 2012

Nice Vintage Design Of A Nursery Bedroom

Today there are many ways to decorate a nursery room. You can arrange it with modular furniture, and can use vintage things. For example you can find a vintage crib and a banquette in French online shop Les Enfants du Design. It will add romantic atm...
by Kidsomania on Jul 25, 2012

Pink Nursery Ideas

28 Pink Baby Nursery Ideas We have thousands of pictures in our vault that have been collected over the past couple years.  We have been organizing the images into albums so that we can offer you some weekly inspiration.  Here are 15 great...
by Interior Design Blog on Feb 27, 2012

Decorating Nursery Ideas – How To Choose Baby Room Furniture

Choosing the baby room furniture is an important part of planning and decorating your baby’s room. There are many options available when it comes to baby furniture, so you should to decide what functions you want the furniture to serve before y...
by Home and Design on Feb 3, 2012

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