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Best Dog Bark Control and Dog Training Devices by PetSafe

Dogs bark to communicate. If you have a pup that barks from time to time, it’s perfectly normal. There are times, however, when a dog’s barking can become excessive. A dog that’s busy barking away is a dog that isn’t focused on you or your co...
by Russian Dog on Aug 24, 2015

Ways to Stop Dog Barking

Barking is very natural for dogs. It is as natural as talking for us humans. The barking tends to become a problem when it is non-stop. In this article, we will look at ways to stop dog barking, or at least reduce the barking. We need to know why a d...

What can I do to help my dog on dog resource guarding?

Nicole M: Dog resource guarding…? I have a nine month old beagle/cocker spaniel. Recently, at the dog park he’s been getting into fights with other dogs that try to take his stick ( or sometimes even come near him) At home he is very subm...
by Russian Dog on Oct 19, 2014

Dog Barking Control — When It Gets Really Annoying

Dog Barking Control   Dog barking control — when it gets really annoying In an apartment building I once lived in, a new neighbor and her dog had recently moved into the apartment across the hall. This feisty little pup was a cute, female...
by Wiggleless on Jul 18, 2014

How to deal with territorial puppy behavior?

Question by bitybritty05: The problem of territorial puppy behavior? So I have a 2 puppies, brother and sister, that are 4 months. Only recently the boy has gotten territorial over things and gets extremely jealous. It has scared the girl. If he is c...
by Russian Dog on Jun 26, 2014

What could be a 8 week old puppy potty training?

Question by : 8 week old puppy potty training? I am going to be getting a 8 week old puppy soon and I know you need to get the puppy on a schedule (when you feed them, water them, and take out for potty) and I was wondering what schedule worked best...
by Russian Dog on May 25, 2014

How do you train your puppy to listen?

Question by mama dukes: puppy training? how do u train a puppy to listen, n stop bitting First answers: Answer by BaeHeartJadenstep1 Begin your training early – when your puppy is 6 weeks old, if possible. Step2 Teach your puppy that biting hur...
by Russian Dog on May 19, 2014

What is better for a Great Dane puppy.?

Question by : what is better for a puppy.? What is better to teach a puppy to walk on a leash, regular adjustable collar, prong collar, or head halter, or harness. Its a Great Dane Puppy. First answers: Answer by MollyHead Halter – works well,...
by Russian Dog on May 14, 2014

What if my dog hates other dogs?

Question by Nadine W: My dog hates other dogs!? My dog doesnt bother other dogs when im walking him, but if dogs come up to him,, just to sniff, he will go mad, bark growel, and try to bite the other dog. Once he had a fight with this little dog, and...
by Russian Dog on May 13, 2014

How do I stop my puppy from nipping?

Question by ROSE D: How to stop a puppy nipping? My puppy likes to nip a lot,how to stop him?? First answers: Answer by LucyI was told to yell NO really loud in their face every time they try. The deeper the voice you use the better. It worked for me...
by Russian Dog on Apr 30, 2014

Are puppy pads good or bad to train your puppy?

Question by : Puppy pads good or bad? Are puppy pads good to train your puppy on or are they bad? First answers: Answer by wishnuwelltooDepends on the puppy. Some puppies don’t like the sound the pee makes on the pad and a litter box method wou...
by Russian Dog on Apr 21, 2014

How do you socialize a puppy?

Question by animallover: how to socialize a puppy? how to socialize a puppy and how to make a card box puppy bed? please help First answers: Answer by GOTTA ♥ BOXERS(Gotta ♥ TWILIGHT)You introduce your puppy to as many different friendly dogs as...
by Russian Dog on Apr 10, 2014

How to Punish & Discipline a Dog

Learning how to discipline a dog is easy. Learn how to stop your dog from barking, peeing in the house, and biting easily. Is dog punishment the answer? Read More The post How to Punish & Discipline a Dog appeared first on ClubFauna.
by Pet Forum - ClubFauna on Apr 10, 2014

What can we do if our dogs constantly bark?

Question by Crystal B: Dogs constantly bark? My two dogs bark constantly whilevoutside. We try to make them stop but it doesn’t work. We havevalready received two tickets in the past two weeks. What can we do? First answers: Answer by Rachel Si...
by Russian Dog on Apr 7, 2014

Why are some owners dogs so mean?

Question by Sarah M: why some dogs are so mean? Some dogs bite, burk, scares, other dogs. Even they did not do anything. Dog owners doesnt look cruel. First answers: Answer by Herbie & FernThe owner may not look cruel, but more clueless. The own...
by Russian Dog on Apr 1, 2014

How do I quiet my dog down when someone visits us?

Question by Lee C: Help with my dog? Well, my dog is 2 years old and I don’t know how to quiet him down when someone visits us. Because whenever someone knocks on our door he barks plus when someone visits us we can’t calm him down. Does...
by Russian Dog on Mar 25, 2014

How can i teach my Golden Retriever dog to follow me?

Question by Benedict HM: How can i teach my Golden Retriever to follow me? I am 13 and I have a golden retriever around 3 months old.. I went with him to this park once with a leech but all he does is bite the leech and i want him to follow me but he...
by Russian Dog on Jan 8, 2014

Does every owner know their dogs bark and how it sounds?

Question by One Man’S Dream: Do you know your dogs bark? Does every owner know their dogs bark and how it sounds? I took my dog to the dog park yesterday and there was another dog there who looked exactly like him and the bark was 100% the same...
by Russian Dog on Jan 2, 2014

How to make my Pomeranian and Puli dogs be nice to new people?

Question by ^_^: How do I make my Pomeranian be nice to new people? Today I had my friend over. My dog, Romeo, is very nice to me and my family, but when it comes to new and strange people. He tends to bark and growl at them. My friend tried to pet h...
by Russian Dog on Oct 2, 2013

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