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The Dean, in response to so many questions

Dear Peeps,The stats are up because of the Dean's 'Resignation'. Just as the stats went up when in the summer the Archbishop and Bishop smeared me and upheld the Dean earlier this year. More death threats, hate attacks and lies against me always resu...
by Life After the Diocese on Dec 14, 2016

'Evangelism Team Leader' - new post at Diocese of Bath and Wells

It wasn't so long ago that my Diocese released a course for all its churches, including a talk from a senior staff member who argued that local churches should 'forget about being missionary'. There was maybe an important point buried in there, but i...
by Opinionated Vicar on Jul 19, 2016

New Bishop of Bath and Wells "Growth is important...we can't carry on as we are"

The latest 'Manna', the Bath and Wells diocesan magazine, has an interview with our new bishop, Rev. Peter Hancock. Carefully avoiding the subject of bishops housing, here's a few selected quotes which warmed my heart: "The most important thing...
by Opinionated Vicar on Feb 10, 2014

Social Media Guidlines

The sagacious Steve Tilley has written some social media guidelines for the Diocese of Bath and Wells. You can see the whole document here, but I didn't get much further than page 1: The immediacy of social media is one of its benefits – we can re...
by Opinionated Vicar on Jan 21, 2014

New Bishop of Bath and Wells

An introductory vid from the new Bishop of Bath and Wells, Peter Hancock, recorded yesterday as he toured the Diocese. "The mission that God has given to us: to proclaim Christs love, to live that love, and to share it with others."...
by Opinionated Vicar on Dec 11, 2013

Diocese of Bath and Wells: 'Our Common Fund' DVD

This is a video put together by my home diocese to give local parishes a sense of the work being done across the Diocese, and how the 'common fund' (contributions pooled from parishes) supports this. It would be interesting to hear from people outsi...
by Opinionated Vicar on Oct 2, 2013

What Our Diocese Needs

from the person spec: The person appointed will have a wide vision of the church and the ways of God. His key mission will be ‘to lead the Church in worshipping Jesus Christ and encouraging people to believe in him and follow him’  (Archbishop...
by Opinionated Vicar on Jul 1, 2013

Choose a Bishop

If you're in Somerset, there's a chance to be involved in the process of choosing the next Bishop of Bath and Wells, whether you're part of the CofE or not. At Wells Town Hall, this evening, 7.30pm there's an open meeting with folk from the Crown Ap...
by Opinionated Vicar on Apr 8, 2013

Choosing a Bishop

Our first meeting of the Bath and Wells 'Vacancy in See' (you've got to love the names) committee is this weekend, the start of a 7 month process to discern/choose the next Bishop of Bath and Wells. There's a good explanation of the process here, an...
by Opinionated Vicar on Feb 4, 2013

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