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Batman Legacy Edition - 2-Pack July Release

Batman Arkham City 2-Pack Batman Catwoman Color and Black/WhiteThe Dark Knight and The jokerRobin and The Joker

Batman Legacy Edition - Classic Figures - July 2012

Batman Legacy Edition DC Universe figures:BatgirlCatmanCatwoman ClassicBatman with Batmite

Mattel at the 2012 Toy Fair - Batman Legacy, Movie Masters, DC Club Infinite Earths, DC Universe All-Stars

NYC this past weekend was the 2012 Toy Fair and Mattel did not disappoint DC fans.  Even though the DC Universe Classics toy line is ending, Mattel was showing off some upcoming new and previously announced Movie Masters, DC Universe Club Infini...
by Action Toy Review on Feb 14, 2012

Batman Legacy - Catman

Time to finish up my review of Mattel's Batman Legacy Wave 2 set.  If you missed them, I've already reviewed Golden Aged Batman and Batgirl.  Click on the links to see those reviews.  This review will be on the third and final action f...
by Action Toy Review on Jan 21, 2012

Batman Legacy - Batgirl

It will be interesting to see where Mattel takes this Batman Legacy toy line, and how long it will last.  So far, we haven't seen to many new characters like so many people have been hoping for.  Wave 2 has been out for a while and wave 3 w...
by Action Toy Review on Jan 6, 2012

Batman Legacy - Golden Age Batman

The DC Universe Classics toy line may be coming to an end after Wave 20, however, Mattel still plans on giving us a certain level of these great action figures under different toy lines.  They will have their online Infinite Earths club, their D...
by Action Toy Review on Dec 13, 2011

DC Universe Classics & Batman Legacy - New York Comic Con 2011

 This past weekend was the 2011 New York Comic Con and Mattel revealed some cool new additions to their DC Universe Classics and Batman Legacy toy lines.  There is so much to go over so lets take a look at some of the new action figures we...
by Action Toy Review on Oct 17, 2011

Batman Arkham City Action Figures - Two-Face

The much anticipated follow up video game to Arkham Asylum, Arkham City, is about to hit stores in a few and it looks amazing!  People who are games and/or collectors may be interested in Mattel's new Arkham City action figures which are part of...
by Action Toy Review on Oct 15, 2011

DC Universe Classics - Batman Legacy (SDCC 2011)

Originally the Batman Legacy toy line was announced by Mattel back in March at the 2011 Toy Fair.  It is a 'new' toy line that will celebrate the Dark Knight's rich history.  You will see a variety of different versions of Ba...
by Action Toy Review on Jul 31, 2011

DC Universe Classics - Batman Legacy Action Figures Preview

Revealed at the 2011 Toy Fair show is the new Batman Legacy action figure toy line by Mattel which will be released sometime in the late spring or early summer.  This toy line supposedly NOT based on the Batman Legacy comic series...
by Action Toy Review on Mar 2, 2011

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