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Goodies from the Mail~ Rucy's Vanity, Sampleroom, BDJ Review

I finally have the time to write a blog post again. XDThis time I'll be sharing some of the things I got from the mail recently.I wasn't really expecting these beauty products, but I'm so glad Sampleroom, BDJ and Rucy's Vanity sent them out for me to...
by MissKatV on Sep 13, 2015

Products and Snacks I'm Loving Recently

Hello~! How's everybody doing? I've been spending my last days summer with family a lot lately. We've been going out of town almost every week and it was tiring! Not complaining though. The experience was extremely good and I am really happy whenever...
by MissKatV on Jun 14, 2015


Hi~! Today I'll be doing a quick review on my new summer essentials. (◕ヮ◕)✧I received a text from my dad telling me that I got this huge page that I didn't know about. He asked me if I bought a surfboard and umbrella online. I was so confused...
by MissKatV on Jun 8, 2015

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