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Behind Blue Eyes

THE LONG AWAITED TLB #40  BEHIND BLUE EYES I know I know.... I have been gone quite a while.. but hey, I'm back and that's what counts... so they say. When I am gone, I am PAINTING. I was just recently painting a character from the book...
by VINTAGE ARTISTIC on Jan 20, 2012

Behind Blue Eyes

Biography MICHAEL BANEL, Founder of Iboga Records & Sofa Beats... DJ Michael Banel, also writing as Behind blue eyes, is known for his many amazing progressive trance sets around the globe during more than 10 years and before that he was a well kno...
by Psytrance Life on Aug 27, 2011

Discovering Psychology & Brownies

Sorry for the two days with lack of posting. If i'm truthful i couldn't think of a subject worth blogging about.Today though i was filling out my OU forms and thought i would blog a little bit about the course i am taking and my hopes for the future.
by Picking Oranges on May 28, 2011

Cover versions… and some do it really wrong!

So, after my last post Cover Versions… some do it right!, obviously I had to post the worst cover versions I’ve ever heard of. I’ve also received a number of emails from people giving me ideas, and I appreciate that. Thank you very mu...
by Muzikablog on Feb 26, 2010

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