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Iran Can Now Produce Enough Weapons-Grade Uranium To Build A Nuclear Weapon Within 2 Weeks?

“Despite what this White House or its predecessors have repeatedly told the American people, it’s my belief that Iran will soon have nuclear weapons (barring military intervention by us or our allies).” -Christopher E. Hill, Survival An...
by Survival And Prosperity on Oct 30, 2013

Israël prévient l’Occident: "les pourparlers avec l’Iran ne doivent pas être «un nouveau Munich»"

Yuval Steinitz, ministre israéliens des Affaires stratégiques et du renseignement israélien est remonté contre les pourparlers sur le nucléaire iranien entre l’Iran et les six grandes puissances. Il a eu des propos alarmistes qui ont ét...
by Allain Jules on Oct 16, 2013

Netanyahu: A Character Study

A good character study in the NYT on Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu with a concentration of his near obsession with preventing Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon. Notice there is no mention of his policies on the Palestinians and the growth of settl...
by Sparking the Left on Oct 12, 2013

ISRAËL. Décès du rabbin raciste et idéologue du parti extrémiste Shass, Ovadia Yosef

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, l’un des idéologues racistes les plus craints et populaires d’Israël s’en est allé. Il avait 93 ans. Pour ceux qui suivent l’actualité israélienne, c’est l’un des bourreaux de Salah Hamour...
by Allain Jules on Oct 7, 2013

#Israel vs. #Iran at the UN

By Majid Rafizadeh When it comes to the Islamic Republic of Iran’s nuclear ambitions, one of the countries that would be the first target and would experience the severe repercussions of an Islamist nuclear-armed Iran is Israel. This issue of a nuc...
by Iran Aware on Oct 4, 2013

FAROUCHE COLERE. Etats-Unis vs Irsaël : les médias israéliens fustigent la presse us

Farouche colère ou colère farouche, c’est selon. Les journaux américains ont particulièrement critiqué le discours, mardi,  du premier ministre israélien à l’ONU, surtout le New York Times. Pour la presse américaine, ce dernier t...
by Allain Jules on Oct 3, 2013

Iran president-elect calls Israel a wound…that must be cleansed

  Hassan Rowhani had vowed to change hardline policies of conservatives. (File Photo: AFP) Iran’s president-elect, cleric Hassan Rowhani, on Friday called Israel a “wound” that must be removed, Iranian media reported, two days ahead of his...
by Iran Aware on Aug 2, 2013

A Palestinian State is Not Feasible

The Palestinian Authority, not Israel, should make concessions for peace negotiations, says Tourism Minister Uzi Landau.   By Elad Benari The Palestinian Authority, not Israel, should make concessions in order to enter peace negotiations, Touris...
by Iran Aware on Jul 2, 2013

Why Won’t the Palestinians Accept a State?

  Jonathan S. Tobin | @tobincommentary Let’s assume for a moment that Secretary of State John Kerry actually succeeds in getting Palestinian Authority head Mahmoud Abbas to sit down and talk with Israel for the first time since George W.
by Iran Aware on Jun 28, 2013

Breakout beckons: Iran’s nuclear programme

Neither Iran’s election, nor sanctions nor military threats are likely to divert it from the path it is on to getting nuclear weapons THE resounding victory of Hassan Rohani, the most moderate and outward-looking of the presidential candidates deem...
by Iran Aware on Jun 26, 2013

World War Z: Israel Zombie wall theories prove infectious

Jake Coyle – The Associated Press   Brad Pitt’s “World War Z” imagines a world overrun by a zombie pandemic, leading to an unlikely new global power structure. Two of the few countries that have kept the zombies at bay are Israel, wh...
by Iran Aware on Jun 26, 2013

The Next Intifada

3 The two and a half years of uprisings in the Middle East known collectively as the Arab Spring have had an apparent hole in the middle; there has not been a new full-blown uprising during this time by Palestinians in the Israeli-occupied West Bank.
by Iran Aware on Jun 25, 2013

John Kerry’s DUMB Push to Release Palestinian Terrorists

By P. David Hornik Two months ago I reported here that Secretary of State John Kerry was—in the immediate aftermath of the Boston Marathon terror attack—pressuring Israel to release heinous terrorists from prison. The rationale: such a release wa...
by Iran Aware on Jun 24, 2013

Israeli decision on striking Iran by early 2014

Hanegbi: Israel should not seek, much less rely on, a presidential commitment to hit Tehran; PM in China warns nuclear Iran would ‘blackmail’ the world By Adiv Sterman and Haviv Rettig Gur Tzachi Hanegbi, left, with former Shin Bet chief Yaakov P...
by Iran Aware on May 10, 2013

Silence of the Lambs

America’s promotion of ‘softened Arab peace initiative’ a spit in the face of Israeli democracy Elyakim Haetzni The buds of peace are blossoming again, and, as always, they are being irrigated with Jewish blood. Eviatar Borovsky joi...
by Iran Aware on May 8, 2013

The Middle East’s coming proxy war

Will a nuclear-ambitious Iran stand alone against a possible joint US-Israeli strike? The certain answer is no     Bassem Aly Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah, left, chats with the Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad, and the Iranian Preside...
by Iran Aware on May 6, 2013

Israel seeks Turkish airbase to enable Iran strike

Yaakov Amidror travels to Ankara offering advanced defense technology in exchange for an airstrike launching platform, the Sunday Times reports By Ron Friedman Illustrative photo of an F-16 jet (photo credit: Nati Shohat /Flash90) When National Secur...
by Iran Aware on Apr 21, 2013

Israel ready to act on Syria weapons, warns Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has told the BBC that Israel has a right to prevent weapons from falling into the wrong hands in Syria. He said that if terrorists seized anti-aircraft and chemical weapons they could be “game changers&...
by Iran Aware on Apr 21, 2013

Video: In Israel Obama Flipped Chuck Todd The Bird After Question He Didn’t Like – Updated

It was kind of funny today when Chuck Todd actually asked President Obama a tough question during his joint press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. (This was Obama’s first visit to Israel, by the way.) Okay, Todd actual...
by The Lonely Conservative on Mar 20, 2013

Why I Support Israel

Will we be silent these days when it is unpopular to stand with Israel and the Jewish people, or will we reveal that we are one with Israel and honor our spiritual fathers of the faith and Jesus Himself who … Continue reading →...
by The Joyful Servant on Mar 12, 2013

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