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The New Berserk 2016 Trailer Looks Gross

...and not in a good way.The new Berserk PV released on the NBC UniversalYouTube channel on June 10th gave us yet another look into the new Berserk anime series, but it was something that fans could have done with out. Expanding on the previous chara...
by Band of the Hawk on Jun 12, 2016

Berserk Staff Chime in On Upcoming Anime Project

With the upcoming Berserk 2016 anime just a month away, with the first premiere happening on WOWOW on July 1st, some of the staff working on the anime are becoming a little less tight lipped about it.What do they have to say about the new project?Ita...
by Band of the Hawk on Jun 1, 2016

Berserk Anime 2016 Offical Teaser Trailer Released

NBC Universal released the above teaser trailer, the first since the small glimpse shown at Winter Comiket 2015. The above video shows off not just the animation, but the soundtrack as well. With an interesting styilized mix of 2D and and CGI visuals...
by Band of the Hawk on Mar 26, 2016

Berserk Anime 2016 Staff and Voice Actors Revealed

This month's issue of Hakusensha's Young Animal didn't come out with a new chapter of Berserk, but instead it released a list of the upcoming Berserk anime's cast, production staff, and again, advertising its July 2016 premiere. The Berserk 2016 Japa...
by Band of the Hawk on Mar 22, 2016

2016 Berserk Anime Project Will Air in July, Confirmed to be an Anime Series

Amazing, mind-blowing, riots-of-happiness-causing news, everyone! Today the website for the upcoming 2016 Berserk anime project launched and confirmed not only what format the project will be in, but a release date for it that is probably sooner than...
by Band of the Hawk on Feb 5, 2016

First Promotional Video for Berserk Anime 2016

Released during Winter Comiket 89 in Japan at the NBC Universal booth, this first teaser of the new Berserk Animation Project (likely a movie) hypes Gutts' giant Dragonslayer and shows little else besides obnoxious usage of CGI.
by Band of the Hawk on Dec 29, 2015

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