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SEO Quick Tips: Four Ways to Improve Your Results Today

Making your site more search engine-friendly will help interested readers find your posts more easily. Here are our tips for making your content more visible.
by Crazy Creative on May 2, 2014

Schedule Photos to Post Automatically with Postbot

Schedule photos to appear on your site automatically, with Postbot.
by biswardihasbi on Apr 22, 2014

Better Tagging for Increased Traffic

Tags are great for getting more exposure and for finding interesting new blogs to follow.

Three Quick Tips for Better Blogging

Learn how to edit your tagline, customize comment prompts, and schedule posts -- three great tips to have in your blogging back pocket.

The Daily Post Has a Great New Look's resource on the art and craft of blogging got a makeover. We're excited to invite you to the revamped Daily Post!
by satumanhaj on Apr 11, 2014

What Niche Bloggers Can Do to Attract Traffic

Three things you can do starting now, to grow your audience and attract traffic to your site.
by sdit insan utama on Apr 4, 2014

Four Features to Publish Your Poems

A roundup of tools in your Post Editor to help with formatting, spacing, and publishing your poems, just in time to begin National Poetry Writing Month.
by MICKEYPEDIA on Apr 1, 2014

Introducing Smoother Editing and New Playlists

Extra, extra, read all about it: we're thrilled to announce a whole batch of improvements to your blogs, from image editing in the body of your posts to better, sleeker audio playlists -- and more.
by GĐPT Thiện Hoa 3 on Mar 25, 2014

Customizing Tumblelog Themes

Tumblelog-style themes need not be completely minimalist. Learn how you can put your own custom touches on Hum, Reddle, and Twenty Ten without spending any money.

Smile: Our New Emoticons Have Arrived!

We just gave our emoticons a loving redesign. Check them out: they're sure to bring a smile to your face.
by Tagalog Online Pocketbook on Mar 21, 2014

Smile: Our New Emoticons Have Arrived!

We just gave our emoticons a loving redesign. Check them out: they're sure to bring a smile to your face.
by puisi nyanyian malam on Mar 19, 2014

Spring-Clean Your Blog in Five Easy Steps

From your sidebar to your comments section, these tips will help you clean up your blog in just a few minutes.
by club penguin blog on Mar 18, 2014

Three Ebooks to Spark Creativity and Grow Traffic

Our new ebooks offer prompts to get you writing each day, tips and techniques on taking great photos, and help with growing traffic and community on your blog. What's more? They're free.
by Agus Sumarna - Ri32 Web Blog on Feb 19, 2014

Two Tools to Make Your Blog a Supportive, Safe Space

Want to connect with others and create a supportive blog community that protects your -- and your readers' -- privacy? Try these tools.
by satumanhaj on Feb 17, 2014

Make a Great First Impression with a Homepage

From personal bloggers to large organizations, more and more users choose to welcome their visitors with a homepage, a central space from which to discover their site's content.
by shinigami world on Feb 12, 2014

The Look: Give Your Site a Retro Vibe

I love that our blogs and websites are truly our online homes. My blog is different from yours — with a specific custom background and collection of fonts, hand-picked colors, and other design tweaks. I’m able to make the space my own in...

Social Traffic: Five Ways to Make Posts More Shareable

What blogger doesn’t feel a twinge of envy reading a runaway viral success story like Seth’s — 26 million views? Whoa! We may not all be viral sensations, but we can make sure our posts are primed for sharing. Shareable content is...
by Tagalog Online Pocketbook on Jan 27, 2014

Choosing a Blog Name: Two WordPressers Share Their Stories

You’ve been thinking about starting a new blog, but you’re just not sure of one thing: what to name it. WordPressers around the world wrestle with this very important question and over at The Daily Post, we’ve been sharing the secre...

Publicize Crash Course: LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Path

Yesterday, we learned the ins and outs of pushing your new posts to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Today, we continue our tour of the Publicize universe with the three other social networks you can connect to from your account: LinkedI...
by GĐPT Thiện Hoa 3 on Jan 15, 2014

Publicize Crash Course: Facebook, Google+, and Twitter

“I’m publishing posts every day, but where are my readers?” While there’s no exact science to successfully building a readership, you have a number of built-in tools on to share your work with the world. Our advi...
by puisi nyanyian malam on Jan 14, 2014

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