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Our Planet and the Universe

Planet earth, according to research, is the most unique planet in the universe, and the only one in which humans can survive.  It is just the right size, the right distance from the sun, and its rotating speed is just right also.  The sun is 93,000...
by Creation Not Evolution on Jun 20, 2011

Evolution Denies a Creator

When we look at the facts for Creation against evolution, evolution has no basis.  The bible states that God created the heaven and the earth, including all living things – animals, plants and people.  All the evidence supports the biblical recor...
by Creation Not Evolution on Feb 12, 2011

The Fallen Angels Did it

In my post “Is Progressive Creation Believable, Grant left me this comment: “The age of the earth has been quite accurately empirically determined as 4.55 billion years +/- a relatively small error margin. Pb/Pb isochron ages (a completel...
by Creation Not Evolution on Jan 30, 2011

Is Progressive Creation Believable?

Progressive creation suggests that there is a gap between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2.  That creation took place in Genesis 1:2, possibly millions or billions of years after the first creation in Genesis 1:1.  This is where too, the present fossil record c...
by Creation Not Evolution on Jan 15, 2011

Evolution – A Belief System

Over the years there have been many a quest to find that missing link between man and ape.  In their desperation there has been many a fraud to try and convince us that man descended from apes.  So far there has been no success to find the missing...
by Creation Not Evolution on Jan 15, 2011

Scientists Admit to Flaws in the Evolution Theory

Advancement in Science as well as an intelligent design revolution is slowly beginning to reveal all the flaws in Darwin’s evolution theory, and some scientists are even admitting to the flaws. According to a New York Times article in August 2005,...
by Creation Not Evolution on Nov 16, 2010

Science and the Bible

Science is the main weapon critics use to attack the bible.  With major breakthroughs in science, technology has grown exponentially and what was considered luxury decades ago have now become rather common with almost everyone having access to the l...
by Creation Not Evolution on Oct 30, 2010

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