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Pic of the Day

Another photo from last week's Alpine trip. I went to visit my ol' stomping grounds, the former Woodward Ranch. I've spent over half my life running around that place and miss it dearly. I can still visit, but only from a distance now. :( On the way...
by Scent of a Fisherman on Jan 20, 2016

Pic of the Day

 I love West Texas. All of it. Alpine, Marfa, Ft Davis, Big Bend. This last weekend while shooting the Big Bend Livestock Show, I had some time to drive around and just roam. This was going towards Marfa, a few miles from the Marfa Lights viewin...
by Scent of a Fisherman on Jan 11, 2016

Poppin' Along

Every year I am the show photographer at the Big Bend Livestock Show. Normally I have some free time in the evenings. So this year I decided to paint up some poppers and bring all my junk to tie them up in the hotel room.Here's one about halfway thro...
by Scent of a Fisherman on Jan 19, 2015

Crazy few weeks

It's amazing how everything seems to hit all at once, then goes away just as quick. Christmas time was less than fun with my wife's mother in ICU and making the 3 hour round trip nearly everyday. My wife stayed up there, but work was so busy so I cou...
by Scent of a Fisherman on Jan 12, 2015

Chillin' in Alpine

 What would be a stock show without nasty weather? Another ice storm decided to hit the first day of the Big Bend Livestock show in Alpine, Texas. I'm the show photographer, so i'm out in it the entire day. I do have a roof over my head and setu...
by Scent of a Fisherman on Jan 9, 2015

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