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Zero Balance

Had to call the customer service for billing information. They sent us two billing statement for the same amount. My husband already sent them the check.  Their reasoned, cross in the mail. Sending them the check would not take one week as we are in...
by mommys4seasonsjourney on Oct 20, 2011

Same Billing Statement

I am not 100% sure but I think it was lasts week when we received the billing statement. We have our health insurance but still we have to pay something out of our pocket. It was $134.45. I have many appointments which are normal for a pregnant women...
by mommys4seasonsjourney on Oct 18, 2011

Some Helpful Information While You Apply For A Credit Card

Should you decide to apply for a credit card then taking advantage of the Internet is most assuredly the place to check out. Charge card solicitations arriving inside our mailboxes are rapidly evolving into a thing from the past. It really is unbelie...
by Best Credit Card Rewards on Sep 15, 2010

Before Applying for a Credit Card

Credit cards are one of the most convenient ways to purchase these days. With just a push of that standard and trusted credit card, you are able to do many things like shopping, buying your needs when there is no cash available, and even travel. No d...
by Best Credit Card Rewards on Aug 26, 2010

How does credit card interest rate work?

I have always paid off my credit card balances in full every month, but on the next billing statement I won’t be able to. My current balance is ,413. My credit card interest rate is 14.49%. Is it true that I will be charged interest on my full...
by Financial Planning on Dec 20, 2009

2.2. Balance Computation Methods

 Average Daily Balance. This is the most common calculation method. It credits your account from the day the issuer receives your payment. To figure the balance due, the issuer totals the beginning balance for each day in the billing period and subt...
by Credit Cards 4U on Aug 30, 2009

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