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What To Do When Your Self-Disgust Is On Overdrive

The waist of my pants is digging into my skin. I feel the tightness of the fabric, wrapped around my thigh like a bandage. I refuse to let these pants go... they used to be my favorites. I cringe to think that I need a size bigger. No! I scream to my...
by Health Articles Online on Aug 3, 2013

Television Addicts, Unite!

I have never been shy or made excuses about my addiction to television. I love binge watching television. I could start a blog on the Bravo shows, alone. In fact, I do many of my projects with the television on as background entertainment. If I'm wor...
by Calling it Home on Aug 2, 2013

Self-Acceptance: Doesn’t That Keep Me Stuck?

We're so used to beating ourselves up for our appearance, what we did/didn't accomplish for the day, whether we ate "well" for the day or not, and so on. You've probably heard a hundred times: "First you must learn to love and accept yourself before...
by Health Articles Online on Aug 2, 2013

Reasons for Binge Eating – The Emotional Cause of Your Binging

What are you trying to avoid if you are Binge Eating? There is help available. Taking the first step towards wellness begins with raising your hand and admitting that you want to to get well. Here are some of the strategies to help you stop.
by Health Articles Online on Aug 2, 2013

Binge Eating Can Kill

Binge eating disorder, generally known as compulsive over-eating, is an eating disorder, where a person eats excessive amounts of food in short periods of time while experiencing a loss of control over their eating. A person suffering from this disor...
by Health Articles Online on Aug 1, 2013

How did we normalise abnormal drinking?

It is the mythology around drinking that does the most damage. The consistent brain washing message that drinking is harmless, just a bit of fun. That it’s only a ‘small minority’ that have a problem.* It is this blatant lie that ir...
by Veronica Valli on Jul 30, 2013

How to control your drinking

By David Joel Miller Some easy ways to keep your problem drinking under control It is not uncommon for a drinker, especially someone new to consuming alcoholic beverages to over do and experience negative consequences. If you have had a … Conti...
by counseolrssoapbox on Jul 29, 2013


I am from the generation of women that embraced drinking as a national past-time. I am from the generation of women that drank purely to get drunk, as drunk as it was possible to get. I am from the generation that finally broke into the male preserve...
by Veronica Valli on Jul 24, 2013

The Pop Culture Phenomena of Binge Watching

The Giggaheim Podcast crew spoke a bit about this on Episode 111, and after some reflection, I’m beginning to enjoy the evolution of media. The phenomenon of binge watching could also be construed as digital gluttony, but is it a deadly sin, or the...
by The Giggaheim on Jul 11, 2013

The Effects of Bulimia

People with bulimia have an eating disorder that causes them to binge on food and then, usually, throw up the food during binge-and-purge cycles. Some people may exercise excessively or abuse diuretics or laxatives. Although there is no known cause o...

Giggaheim Podcast Episode 111

Episode 111 of The Giggaheim Podcast brings you Pop Culture cures for depression, Comic Book Trivia, the Geek Zodiac, DLC content for Black Ops 2, and a review of Despicable Me 2!
by The Giggaheim on Jul 10, 2013

Weight Loss Tip #2: Don’t Overeat

Knowing when to stop eating is crucial if you want to lose weight. Here's a few tips on how to prevent yourself from overeating at your next meal.Read more ›The post Weight Loss Tip #2: Don’t Overeat appeared first on

Ten Things To Do Instead of Binge Eating

Ten Things To Do Instead of Binge Eating While we all reach for food for many different reasons, there are big consequences associated with binge eating.  Various health problems and obesity are just a few bad things that can happen to a person that...

Day 3 Behavior Exchange Challenge ~ Binge Drinking

Day 3 of The Behavior Exchange Challenge.  Binge Drinking Day 3 of The Behavior Exchange Challenge is tackling the subject of Binge Drinking and it lands us on the 4th of July…a real party weekend.  Have you ever uttered the phrase, “I&...
by middleSage on Jul 4, 2013

Binge Drinking…C’mon get happy

When we got to Day 3 of our “Unhappy Habit” list in the Behavior Exchange Challenge, I went looking for some more information on binge drinking and how it tied in to the ultimate goal of being happy.  Neither one of us are big drinkers,...
by middleSage on Jul 4, 2013

Eating Disorders Like Anorexia Or Bulimia Affect All Ages

Eating disorders like anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa affect all age groups. The people who are most commonly affected are those who are in their college student years (teenagers to early twenties).Statistics published by The Massachusetts Eatin...

Are You In Dire Need Of Binge Eating Therapy?

Are You In Dire Need Of Binge Eating Therapy? Article by John E. Stevens The growing rate of people experiencing binge eating disorder is quite alarming. Most of them are undiagnosed and are continuing the extremely harmful lifestyle. You cannot faul...

Drunk girl-child

The nineteen year-old lying in her own vomit outside a bar with her group of friends shrieks in mirth as she staggers to get up, inadvertently exposing her G-string to the passing crowd of boys, who all make crude and disdainful remarks about her. Bu...
by Veronica Valli on Jun 22, 2013

Why Serena Williams is wrong.

Serena Williams caused outrage yesterday when she described the victim in the Steubenville rape case as ‘lucky,’ then went on to say ‘she shouldn’t have put herself in that position.’ Her comments have caused controversy because they im...
by Veronica Valli on Jun 20, 2013

Eating Disorders – Serious Business

There are four main eating disorders: Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge Eating Disorder, and Compulsive Overeating. Anorexia and Bulimia are considered starvation eating disorders. Binge Eating Disorder and Compulsive Overeating are classified as excessive ea...

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