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Boronia Peak, Grampians. Finally.

I can promise you one thing. This is definitely the last post concerning Boronia Peak in the Grampians. I’m still not sure how a ten foot high, rocky mound next to Halls Gap can generate so much writing. Even I, as a qualified Master of Talking...
by Hiking Fiasco on Apr 19, 2016

Boronia Peak with a twist, Grampians.

Here we go again. It’s round two of a Boronia Peak triple post. Just think, there’s only one more after this, so the pain will be over before you know it. Remember the highlights from the round one tilt? I climbed Boronia Peak, but didn&#...
by Hiking Fiasco on Apr 1, 2016

Black Rain

What About It? (For a full summary of the film, scroll down to "What Happens?" below) Black Rain is not a film that turns storytelling conventions on their ear. We've all seen buddy cop movies, compromised cop, and culture clash stories. We're not s...
by Criminal Movies on Jun 20, 2012

Will Fukushima survivors be doubly victimized with radiation sickness and stigmatization?

Some Fukushima refugees have been exposed to the same stigmatization as Hiroshima and Nagasaki's victims of radiation sickness.
by Scholars & Rogues on Jul 18, 2011

Outwork-Black_Rain- (NWI689) -WEB-2011-BPM

Release Name : Outwork-Black_Rain- (NWI689) -WEB-2011-BPM Download Link : (NWI689) -WEB-2011-BPM.rar.html NFO File (Click To Enlarge) : Preview / Store :...
by Clubmusic Source on Apr 23, 2011

hammer is a split toward big rocks,

this which coach outlet online is to pick a pick not life stones, this ising clear started is a man the responsibility of home, provoke is a father of heavy love, started a family, provoke the pursuit of happiness is a group of children grow up healt...
by Fabian Davila on Apr 6, 2011


2004 cbr600rr Black The bike is in excellent condition with new tyres, very well looked after, paintwork immaculate (rare BLACK), never seen rain, only dry miles, stored in garage overnight. I’m only selling as I don’t have the time to us...
by Motorcycles 4 Auction on Jan 11, 2011

WATCH: Soundgarden Play Two Songs On ‘Conan’

Conan’s on a roll. Jack White welcomed the redheaded host back to the boob tube on Monday, but Tuesday night Coco offered TBS viewers something much heavier: Soundgarden! Hey, two-for-two: it’s a promising start. Watch the reunited grunge...
by Hot News Today on Nov 11, 2010

The Benefits Of watch conan

On Conan Tuesday night the reunited Soundgarden performed their song. If something funny happened that I must see I just caught the clip online. As it...The article The Benefits Of watch conan take from: US Today Trends Echoing this news on http://ww...
by US Today Trends on Nov 10, 2010

Friday Film Reviews: Black Rain

Paul continues to take us back to the high’s and low’s of Ridley Scott’s career, this week focusing on the lesser known film Black Rain. This is the second, in a series of retroactive articles for the famed filmed maker. By …...
by The Fanboy's Closet on Sep 9, 2010

Today In Strange 5/14/2010

On this date in 1849, a black rain fell in Ireland upon an area of 400 square miles. It was the color of ink and "of a fetid odor & disagreeable taste," according to the Annals of Scientific Discovery. On May 14, 1881, Harper's Weekly feat...
by Blog of A Dead Dreamer on May 14, 2010

Se viene Blackra1n – Jailbreak en todos los iPhone y iPod

Asi de “simple”, sin dar muchas vueltas y sin dar muchas condiciones, que tienes que tener esto o aquello o debes de cumplir esto y esto, nada! todo esto terminará entre hoy y mañana con el lanzamiento del Blackra1n de Geohot, el maestr...
by Notas de Samuel Giubi on Oct 8, 2009

BLACK RAIN - 6: Gobbling Ghost Gums

"Full Moon X-mas eve!" by Falashad The big red what??? McDuff’s Jackeroo sped out of town and off down the highway. Everyone was squashed up inside like corned beef in a can. “So,” starts McDuff... Cosmic Mayfly contains works of fiction...
by Cosmic Mayfly on Apr 16, 2009

BLACK RAIN: Episode 6 ... Ghostly Ghost Gums Goble A Greenhorn

"Full Moon X-mas eve!" by FalashadMcDuff’s Jackeroo sped out of town and off down the highway. Everyone was squashed up inside like corned beef in a can.“So,” starts McDuff “Maybe we should properly introduce ourselves, I’ll start first, m...
by Cosmic Mayfly on Apr 16, 2009

BLACK RAIN - 5: The Big Red Cunt

"Hell" By - Ben Kokolas So how did Truckerbot make cat food? Truckerbot blasts the last chunks of monkey turd from his muffler then turns attention back to the frightened humans. “MMMMM ... HA HA... Cosmic Mayfly contains works of fiction and n...
by Cosmic Mayfly on Apr 8, 2009

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