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Dear Holiday Diary, Mistakes were made.

I cranked out four cakes today. Four! I should have quit while I was ahead. I could have spent the time inking my Christmas card. Mistakes were made.
by Susie Lindau's Wild Ride on Dec 8, 2016

Cabaran 30 Hari Blogging | Day 1 : Siapa Saya

Salam Ladiess ♥Rasanya dalam blog ni dah banyak kot entri "siapa saya" yang aku pernah buat. tapi disebabkan ini firstday aku buat entri cabaran 30 hari blogging. aku tak kisah pun yang aku akan buat lagi, tapi versi banyak gambar. boleh?Ni la...
by Intan Saffyna on Dec 8, 2016

For what reason Bloggers Must Go Through Pains to Succeed

Little or nothing in life comes cheap. We should go through aches and pains to pay the price for success. It is natural. It is global.For bloggers and others offering various services to humanity, the pains are inescapable laws of life.For what reaso...
by Modern computer on Dec 8, 2016

How to Revive Your Online Business Passion

How to Revive Your Online Business Passion – Get Your Groove Back! Have you been wondering how to revive your online business passion? You know that online business you couldn’t wait to start. The same business you worked day and night to bui...
by .Latina Affiliate on Dec 8, 2016

Social Media Blast – Twitter Week – How Tweet It Is!

Why Should We Work Together? Brands and Sponsors are looking for bloggers just like you and me, but they need us to have a platform that matches their vision. You may already have the blog of their dreams, but perhaps you don’t have the quantit...
by Simply Marina on Dec 8, 2016

Pilih Blogspot atau WordPress dalam Hal Kapasitas

Update post by Ali Madura Ali Madura - Blog Informasi Terbaru Hallo kawan-kawan, kali ini saya mau membahas Pilih Blogspot atau WordPress dalam Hal Kapasitas ? Bagi blogger yang sudah lama berkecimpung di dunia blogging, pasti akan bertanya-tanya, be...
by Ali Madura on Dec 8, 2016

Cara Upgrade Directx 12 Untuk Windows 10

Update post by Ali Madura Ali Madura - Blog Informasi Terbaru Cara Upgrade Directx 12 – Laptop masa kini memang banyak yang didukung directx 12 sebagai pemutakhiran perangkat yang digunakan saat ini. Dukungan dari versi ini memang tidak menja...
by Ali Madura on Dec 8, 2016

Cabaran Blogging

Salam Ladiess ♥Memang betul mencabar ni, seminggu dah bulan disember aku baru nak masukkan entri, sebenarnya ada je dalam draf tapi malas publish, ada lagi separuh kena continue baru boleh post. tapi, sepanjang tempoh tu mood asyik blogwalking dari...
by Intan Saffyna on Dec 7, 2016

Be a Pro in Your Professional Emails

The 4 Basic Must Haves – Professional Email In our mini-series The 4 Basic Must Haves for writers, bloggers and entrepreneurs, we have covered what to include on your website, how to begin building your social media platforms and why you need a sub...

Audi’s Supercar Scaring Sizzling TT RS

When Audi released the new TT many critics had sensed the new angular aggressive lines had tarnished the cars popularity with its key stereotypical demographic; the hairdresser and air stewardess. They thought that the curvaceous effortless stylishne...
by Car Design Blog UK on Dec 7, 2016

Dear Diary, Please make it stop!

Dear Holiday Diary, After a week of decorating, I still am surrounded by doodads and ditzies just begging to be made into some form of centerpiece, swag or other holiday shimmery thing. It doesn’t help that I keep looking up at my cupboards wit...
by Susie Lindau's Wild Ride on Dec 6, 2016

Komputer Makin Lemot Selalu Not Responding? Mungkin Ini Solusinya!

Seiring berjalannya waktu, performa komputer pribadi yang selalu kita gunakan (baik untuk pekerjaan atau sesekali bermain game) akan terus menurun. Apalagi jika digunakan berjam-jam tanpa henti, potensi panas bisa jadi salah satu penyebab komputer le...
by Just Ordinary Blogger Site on Dec 6, 2016

Financial Case Study: Samantha and Yeison, Travel Bloggers

Samantha and Yeison are based in Costa Rica and travel the world with their lucrative blog My Tan Feet. Find out more about their lifestyle and biz here! The post Financial Case Study: Samantha and Yeison, Travel Bloggers appeared first on The Profe...
by The Professional Hobo on Dec 5, 2016

When Cats take over the World

My cat’s name is Wild Colleen and she’s not much of a talker except at feeding time and then she repeats “Give me food, give me food, give me food”. My previous cat’s name was Phantom and he was a chatterbox. Every morning he wanted to talk...
by Cosmic Overdrive on Dec 5, 2016

Blogging Secrets for Newbies

My latest article for Anne Cohen. If you’ve ever worried how another blogger gets more likes, followers and engagement than you, even if you seemingly put in the same amount of work, this is the post for you. The post Blogging Secrets for Newbi...
by New Crunchy Mom on Dec 5, 2016

How to Write Attention Grabbing Headlines for Your Blog Posts

What’s the first thing you notice from a blog post, regardless whether you see it shared on social media or at the actual blog page? It’s the headline. According to the statistics provided by Copyblogger, 8 out of 10 people will read the headline...
by TechPatio on Dec 5, 2016

Dear Holiday Diary

Dear Holiday Diary, I thought I would take some notes to document Christmas 2016. Danny keeps saying flying to Tahiti would solve most of my problems. I wouldn’t have to decorate. The kids could join us and we could skip the gift exchange. He&#...
by Susie Lindau's Wild Ride on Dec 4, 2016


                                                  MONKEY POOP COFFEE My wife went to the doctor a few days ago and received some devastating news. She has to … GIVE UP COFFEE! She had some DNA tests d...
by The Writing Deputy on Dec 4, 2016

How Much does My Blog Make? | Travel Blog Income Report – Nov’16

So it has been a while since we managed to compile a travel blog income report for our little family travel blog!  Essentially in between having a baby as well as having to rethink our approach to our blog (more about this later), we simply just did...
by Wanderlust Storytellers on Dec 4, 2016

How To Choose A Blog Post

What's up? So here is December again! Means that we are already at the end of the year. Time is ticking so fast that I afraid. Nonetheless I hope all of you are doing just fine.It's great to have a blog. But maintaining a blog is never an easy task.
by spitoutkata on Dec 3, 2016

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