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BOTB 10.23.15

Well well well, just one week until Halloween, are you ready? We’re gearing up for the holiday and will likely “Boo” some friends this weekend to jump start the festivities. I’m also working with my website designer on the fin...
by Centsational Girl on Oct 23, 2015

BOTB 9.12.15

Hi friends, happy weekend to you! I’m headed to IKEA today for a few things, I haven’t been in over a year since it’s an hour away and I tend to get lost in there don’t we all?  Tomorrow I’m running a 5K which I’v...
by Centsational Girl on Sep 12, 2015

BOTB 9.2.15

by Centsational Girl on Sep 2, 2015

Top 5 Crucial Tips For Building A Successful Blog

During my blogging journey, I get a lot of things, both good things and bitter things. I took that as a good thing because I get something (either knowledge or money) that makes me love blogging even more. And I consider it as bitter things because i...
by Computer and Technology Blog on Aug 25, 2015

BOTB 8.14.15

My mantra for August has been “play more, blog less” and that carefree approach to living and working has made this last bit of summer so relaxing and enjoyable. Yesterday I took off for a few hours to go wine tasting, it was fun to play hooky an...
by Centsational Girl on Aug 14, 2015

BOTB 7.31.15

Weekend hellos! It’s a full one for us, my daughter’s month long theater summer camp is putting on their production this weekend so we are attending the shows. Saturday I’m putting the finishing touches on the shelter family room, I’m hoping...
by Centsational Girl on Jul 31, 2015

BOTB 7.17.15

Weekend hellos friends. Realizing there are only four weeks of summer left I’ve kept ours free of events and planned for a lot of lounging. We’re having one of the best summers ever spending most of it close to home and plenty of good memories ar...
by Centsational Girl on Jul 17, 2015

BOTB 7.3.15

Holiday weekend hellos! What a busy week it’s been for us, home improvement from sunup to sundown and I.AM.BEAT. There is caulking and paint all over me but with it comes the satisfaction of many completed projects. So far we’ve installed...
by Centsational Girl on Jul 3, 2015

BOTB 6.20.15

Weekend greetings! What are your plans for Father’s Day weekend? We’re spending most of it around the house, gardening, barbequing, and then attending a local play. Summer is in full swing and we’re loving it, the way the light reflects off the...
by Centsational Girl on Jun 20, 2015

BOTB 6.5.15

by Centsational Girl on Jun 5, 2015

BOTB 5.22.15

This past week totally kicked my butt – the travel back and forth to Las Vegas and supervision of subcontractors, the kids’ semi-final and final baseball/softball games, and the Warriors in the NBA playoffs all demanded my attention. Have I s...
by Centsational Girl on May 22, 2015

BOTB 5.9.15

Weekend hellos! Thanks so much for all the kind compliments on the recent kitchen remodel, it’s nice to have that project complete, the bathroom will be finished next week so I’ll share that soon! Do you have any special plans for Mother’s Day?
by Centsational Girl on May 9, 2015

6 Tahun: Dari Cerulean ke Lelaki Berambut Simpul.

22 April.Hari ini pada 6 tahun yang lalu, blog ini mula tercipta.Pejam celik pejam celik bebel lukis sana sini,6 tahun kemudian, blog ini masih berdiri di sini.6 tahun bukanlah satu umur yang lama,tapi kalau dikira menggunakan umur kucing,kucing itu...
by nULL & aLteRnate on Apr 21, 2015

BOTB 4.11.15

Hellllooo friends and happy weekend to you! I’ve got a busy one ahead with a birthday party to attend and I’m also taking on another design project for our local Committee on the Shelterless, this time it’s an eleven room emergency shelter, and...
by Centsational Girl on Apr 11, 2015

BOTB 3.21.15

Weekend greetings! It’s the start of Spring Break for me so I’m headed to Las Vegas for a few days of play time and to work on little projects around the fixer house too. Today it’s a round of featured spaces and projects spied around the web i...
by Centsational Girl on Mar 21, 2015

BOTB 3.7.15

Hello friends, welcome to another weekend! We’re celebrating my son’s birthday today (he is 9 already!) then I’m headed to Las Vegas for a few days to check on the pool remodel at the fixer house, coordinate with a countertop fabricator, and sh...
by Centsational Girl on Mar 7, 2015

BOTB 2.21.15

Weekend greetings all! We’re chilling at our casa this weekend, no big plans which feels nice to just kick back and relax. Here’s another round of Best of the Blogosphere featuring some very cool spaces and projects from talented DIYers, so many...
by Centsational Girl on Feb 21, 2015

BOTB 2.7.15

Weekend hellos everyone. I’m bracing myself for a the fact that a dozen ten year old girls are descending on my house tonight for a birthday party and sleepover. My daughter turns 11 today (that happened fast!). In truth, all those giggling girls a...
by Centsational Girl on Feb 7, 2015

Don’t Neglect the Love You Have (Link Party)

God loves you with a perfect unfailing forever love.  Have you ever neglected what you have while you chased after what you wanted? Yea, me too. I’ve written about my dance for approval. The thing is I didn’t dance for one person....
by Counting My Blessings on Jan 30, 2015

BOTB 1.25.15

I’ve been out of it for a couple days, I finally had my Lasik eye surgery (had to delay my original appointment) and it wiped me out for 48 hours but wow, it’s amazing that I can seeeeeee! I see mountains and leaves and birds and details...
by Centsational Girl on Jan 25, 2015

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