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9 Ways to Get True Beauty Sleep

NIGHTTIME IS THE RIGHT TIME TO RENEW YOUR SKIN 9 WAYS TO GET TRUE BEAUTY SLEEP The quality and length of sleep you receive every night can have a profound impact on your skin’s overall health. When we sleep our bodies recharge. Not only do our bodi...
by Another Maria on Jul 1, 2016

10 Skin Care Ingredient NO NO’s

10 SKIN CARE INGREDIENT NO NO’s Avoid toxins in personal skin care products Photo credit: As our body’s largest organ, our skin is the most important immune defense barrier as well as your largest organ...
by Another Maria on Oct 15, 2014

Must-Do Beauty, Fitness & Diet New Year’s Resolutions

December 18, 2013 (Miami, FL) – The gifts have been unwrapped, Christmas trees have been placed at the curb and that LBD you just had to have for the New Year’s party is now tossed and crumpled at the bottom of the closet floor. For millions of A...
by Another Maria on Dec 29, 2013

Simple Steps to Clear, Glowing Skin

Las Fabulosas: Beauty & Style Simple Steps to Clear, Glowing Skin By Lauren Fischer for Las Fabulosas Those awkward young adult years may be behind you, but that doesn’t mean you’re in the clear when it comes to your skin. “Our chosen life...
by Another Maria on Dec 10, 2013

Dermatologist Recommended Summer to Fall Skincare

Summer ended and we are a week into fall season. If you are wondering how to transition your skincare routine from summer to fall, dermatologist Dr. David E. Bank revealed his top tips and product recommendations for fabulous fall skin. Check out Dr.
by Another Maria on Sep 29, 2013

‘Feed Your Skin’ With These Complexion-Saving Superfoods

What Are You Feeding Your Skin? Board Certified Dermatologist Dr. Susan Stuart Serves Up Some Complexion Saving Advice Want truly fabulous skin — glowing, vibrant, and younger looking skin? Make sure you’re putting foods for healthy skin...
by Another Maria on Jul 25, 2013

Are Your Eyes Making You Look Old? Top Dermatologists & Makeup Artists Reveal Tricks to Make You Look Years Younger

Your eyes don’t lie. I really hate how my eyes can look so terrible when there are certain events in my life that stress me out, or if I’m just not taking care of myself by not working out regularly, eating right or getting enough sleep.
by Another Maria on Nov 30, 2012

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