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Red Flags to be wary of when choosing a plastic surgeon

Photo credit: Adam Ciesielski RED FLAGS TO BE AWARE OF WHEN CHOOSING A PLASTIC SURGEON There are literally thousands of plastic surgeons in The United States alone. Any surgeon practicing cosmetic procedures can call them...
by Another Maria on Jul 4, 2016

Losing Weight After 40: Face or Fanny?

LOSING WEIGHT AFTER 40: DO WOMEN STILL HAVE TO CHOOSE BETWEEN THEIR FACE OR THEIR FANNY? There is a quote often attributed to French actress Catherine Deneuve, who reportedly said, “After a certain age, you have to...
by Another Maria on Jun 30, 2016

Cutting Through the Madness of Menopause

Cutting Through the Madness of Menopause According to Nashville-based, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and Founder of Ageless Solutions, Dr. Nicholas Sieveking, “menopause can surely be a crazy time in a woman’...
by Another Maria on Jun 22, 2016

Want Glowing Skin? 5 Easy Steps That Start With Your Gut

Want Glowing Skin? 5 Easy Steps That Start With Your Gut It’s easy to overlook our gut as the source of skin troubles. But if the well-being of our internal organs and energy levels are determined by what we put in our mout...
by Another Maria on Jun 20, 2016

15 Minute Cellulite Treatment: Verju Green Laser

J’ADORE ‘VERJU` Green Laser 15 Minute Cellulite Treatment! Photo credit: What is Verju’? Erchonia’s Verjú laser system is a revolutionary office device designed specifically for the treatment of cellulite.
by Another Maria on Dec 12, 2014

Renee Zellweger. The “Eyes” Have it. Blepharoplasty Notes.

Renee Zellweger has certainly has had a good career for a Hollywood actress. Remember Bridget Jones Diary? I do. In fact, I might be the only man to ever read that book, which is another story altogether. I certainly remember  the movie quite well b...
by Dr. O & Midwest PRS on Oct 23, 2014

Bare Arms: Plastic Surgeon Shares Age-Proofing Secrets

YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO BARE ARMS! PLASTIC SURGEON SHARES AGE-PROOFING SECRETS Beauty doesn’t stop at the face; it encompasses the whole body, right down to your toes. One of the most overlooked areas of a woman’s body is the a...
by Another Maria on Oct 14, 2014

Buttocks plastic surgery update

Buttocks plastic surgery update   I recently saw a classification for buttock shapes. It turns out there are pear, apple, mandarin and tomato buttock shapes.  Funny but no one told me that during my training. It also appears that the citrus fru...
by Tavallali plastic surgery blog on Jun 25, 2014

The five basic approaches to breast augmentation surgery

There are many important considerations to successful breast augmentation surgery. One of these is the actual surgical approach that should be used. In this article, I want to discuss the five approaches that are most commonly used for breast augment...
by Dr. O & Midwest PRS on Mar 15, 2013

Why you want a plastic surgeon to do your liposuction

To be honest, the reality is you don’t have to choose a plastic surgeon to perform liposuction. Many types of doctors, from family practice to ENT, perform liposuction in their offices, and many do it safely. But the question is: Do they really...
by Dr. O & Midwest PRS on Jan 4, 2013

The New Glenview Office, Opening January 2013

Well, we are coming very close to the point here, folks, where I will be opening a brand-new office in Glenview. It will be a multidisciplinary center that will focus on the art of aesthetic plastic surgery, offering all sorts of in-office services l...
by Dr. O & Midwest PRS on Dec 2, 2012

Are Your Eyes Making You Look Old? Top Dermatologists & Makeup Artists Reveal Tricks to Make You Look Years Younger

Your eyes don’t lie. I really hate how my eyes can look so terrible when there are certain events in my life that stress me out, or if I’m just not taking care of myself by not working out regularly, eating right or getting enough sleep.
by Another Maria on Nov 30, 2012

Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures in the North East

Plastic surgery procedures in the north east are not limited to, but very popular among men & women between the ages of 35-50. In fact, there were over 5 million cosmetic procedures performed among this age group in 2007 nationwide. Women in...
by cosmetic surgery tips on Nov 18, 2011

Plastic Surgery Options After Massive Weight Loss

As the lap-band and other bariatric surgeries become more popular options for massive weight loss in men and women, more and more previously overweight people are approaching Boston plastic surgeons to address their post-massive weight loss bodies.Wh...
by cosmetic surgery tips on Nov 12, 2010

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