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Simple Ways to Tackle Body Odour

Have you ever embarrassed yourself because of your strong body odour? Body odour is one of the biggest problems many of us face on a daily basis. If you are loo king at how you can scare this problem away, here are a few easy tricks that may actuall...
by A health blog on Jul 3, 2013

Dealing with smelly feet

HAVE you ever walked into a locker room at a gym, only to be repulsed by a nauseating stench? No, it’s not body odour, but sweaty, stinky feet that can be suffocating. Some people just have terribly smelly feet (they … Continue reading →...

Remedies from the Kitchen

There are lots of home remedies, which are right in our kitchen Spices, olive oil, garlic, lemon, honey, vinegar, the list goes on .... Here are a few i use with my children. My mother is a great proponate of home remedies. Its natural. But of c...
by Teaching Kids With Cooking on Sep 9, 2012

Nivea For Men, Silver Protect : Body Odour is no longer a problem

We all know that sweat is a major turn-off for girls and we definitely can't take a bath every single hour right? So Nivea introduced it's Silver Protect for men which gives out a 24-Hr protection... Read more at
by crumpylicious blog on Oct 19, 2011

Epic Tales of Adventure

This is somewhat of an oldie, in web terms, but I just saw it yesterday, so what the hell: Confluence, originally uploaded by fixedgear. Alltop is top hat.
by The Skwib on Feb 25, 2010

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