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Western Painting – White Body Paint – A Contemporary

Body painting – the ins and outs The origins of body painting is not known, but its use is extensive – sometimes as an art form, sometimes as part of the tradition, and sometimes as a necessity. Evidence of body painting is found in the a...
by body painting on Jan 2, 2011

bow tattoos for girls

Bow tattoos have gained popularity in different styles and creative. Arches in history in various ways. In this article I want a bit about the meaning of the tattoo possibilities curve and how they are used to explore the representation. Dictionary e...
by body painting on Dec 31, 2010

japanese tattoo art

ancient relics such as pottery and clay sculpture shows pictures of Japanese people work tattoos. Even more interesting are the first Japanese tattoo designs found in people with high social status. Many Japanese historians agree that the beginning o...
by body painting on Dec 30, 2010

tori praver body paint

The main advantage of using liquid latex paint over other forms of body size and durability. Another body paint tends to spread and stain fabrics, often left dirty and maybe even the clothing stained. Once the liquid latex has dried on the skin did n...
by body painting on Dec 28, 2010

airbrush body art paint

More information about airbrush painting technique is a very instructive process. Airbrush painting is very different from other forms of painting, it really is a learning experience. Error in airbrush painting is very forgiving. You can not lie beca...
by body painting on Dec 22, 2010

rihanna metallic body paint

Rihanna is a very popular singer and the whole world know that sing like an angel. He has released numerous singles over and sing at the inauguration ball of President Obama. His singing makes the difference, but he decided he wanted more unique. So...
by body painting on Dec 21, 2010

Body Paint Girls

by Body Painting Top on Dec 5, 2010

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