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Top 10 Strength Training Perks for Your Body

Besides the obvious of---strength training helps you look better by shaping and toning your body, here are 10 perks you might not have thought of (strength training includes bodyweight, dumbbell, barbell, resistance band, kettlebell and&nbs...
by My Fitness Hut Blog on Jun 6, 2016

Burn Fat and Lose Weight with Bodyweight Workouts

Bodyweight workouts don't get enough credit for their fat-burning, muscle building and weight loss potential.....If you want to take your workouts to a higher level and blowtorch body fat, my FREE Bodyweight Metabolic Fat Burner Workouts ar...
by My Fitness Hut Blog on Apr 26, 2016

TOP Fat-Burning Workouts for Busy People

This article is for busy people who want to burn fat! If you need a workout that burns calories, burns fat, improves heart health and improves overall health, you came to the right place. If you need a workout that can accomplish this in 30 minu...
by My Fitness Hut Blog on Feb 25, 2016

Bodyweight Squats, Inverted Rows, 3-D Lunges and Pushups

Bodyweight workouts are great fat burners.  You can do these four exercises to build fat burning muscle mass:Bodyweight SquatsGet more fat burn doing shorter, effective workouts. You do this by using more full body strength exercises like squats...
by My Fitness Hut Blog on Jul 27, 2015

5 Top Fat Burning Workout Tips to Shape Up Faster

Speed up your fat loss results by using more effective training methods. Everyone wants to burn body fat and get their lean bodies on as soon as possible.Its not enough to just exercise every day. You MUST do the right kind of exercise to get the fat...
by My Fitness Hut Blog on Oct 25, 2014

10 Bodyweight Exercises for a Summer Hard Body

Summer is coming fast!  You want to look your are 10 proven fat-burning and body-shaping exercises to get your body lean for summer....Download Free Bodyweight Workout Book and Nutrition Book now!  1. Prime-Time Prisoner...
by My Fitness Hut Blog on May 20, 2014

Top Lower Body Fat Burning Circuit Workout

Need a good lower body fat-burning circuit? Burn more lower body fat with a bodyweight leg exercise circuit....Bodyweight leg circuits is a tried and true method to burn more leg fat, increase strength/endurance and improve heart health.And, combinin...
by My Fitness Hut Blog on May 6, 2014

Top 5 On-the-Go Holiday Workouts

Working out on-the-go is popular for one main reason: it is a timesaver. The pace of life gets more frantic during the busy holidays.  Stay active as much as possible and you will feel better and improve your health and energy levels. And,...
by My Fitness Hut Blog on Dec 24, 2013

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