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Honest Trailers - The Jungle Book (2016)!

Screen Junkies has released the newest Honest Trailer and it takes a new spin. Normally an Honest Trailer cracks jokes at the film's expense but this trailer for Disney's live action The Jungle Book put the film on a pedestal and praises it. It's cle...
by Realm Beyond Sight on Aug 24, 2016

Trailer Reveal and Paperback Giveaway: "Polaris," by Beth Bowland

Today, Beth Bowland and Month9Books are revealing the trailer for POLARIS, which releases August 16, 2016! Check out the gorgeous trailer and enter to win a paperback of the book!A quick note from the author:When I first watched the trailer, I was in...
by Susan Heim on Writing on Jul 22, 2016

The Filmmaker’s Journey: A Book by Chris Esper

A Potpourri of Vestiges FeatureHere is a talismanic book about the indie filmmaking industry written by an indie filmmaker himself. Filmmaker Chris Esper gives his readers the peaks and valleys of indie filmmaking through his own success, struggles a...
by A Potpourri of Vestiges on Jul 14, 2016

Latest book by Eric Metaxas, and a “book trailer” for my own book

A couple years ago I was privileged to be part of the launch team for Eric Metaxas’ then new book: …Continue reading →...
by Enough Light on Jun 9, 2016

Featured Book Trailer: The Fiona Fitzgerald Series by Warren Adler

Take a look at the featured book trailer for Warren Adler's Fiona Fitzgerald mystery series!
by Book Riot on Jun 2, 2016

How The Jungle Book should have ended.

How It Should Have Ended has released their newest video that centers on Disney's film The Jungle Book. The central joke of the video is fairly obvious but it is still very funny to see it all pan out and to see what the other characters think o...
by Realm Beyond Sight on Apr 15, 2016

Honest Trailers - The Jungle Book (1967 Disney cartoon)!

In honor of Jon Favreau's live action adaptation of The Jungle Book being released in theaters, Screen Junkies has created an extremely funny Honest Trailer for the classic Disney The Jungle Book cartoon from 1967. Screen Junkies leave no stone untur...
by Realm Beyond Sight on Apr 13, 2016

The Burning Sky - Sherry Thomas (The Elemental Trilogy #1)

Todo comenzó con un elixir arruinado y un rayo...Iolanthe Seabourne es la más grande maga elemental de su generación, o eso es lo que se le ha dicho. La profetizada por años para ser la salvadora del Reino. Es su deber y destino enfrentar y derro...
by Pasando Paginas on Apr 9, 2016

Trono de Cristal - Sarah J. Maas (Saga Throne of glass #1)

Tras un año de trabajos forzados en las minas de sal, la joven asesina Celaena Sardothien ha sido convocada por el príncipe del Reino de Endovier. Celaena no ha acudido con la intención de acabar con la vida del príncipe, sino con el deseo de con...
by Pasando Paginas on Apr 5, 2016

Corte de Espinas & Rosas - Sarah J. Maas

Cuando la cazadora de diecinueve años de edad, Feyre mata a un lobo en el bosque, una criatura parecida a una bestia llega a exigir venganza. Arrastrada a una traicionera tierra mágica que solo conoce de leyendas, Feyre descubre que su ca...
by Pasando Paginas on Apr 5, 2016

The Jungle Book – Hindi Poster

The Jungle Book – Hindi Poster Disney’s The Jungle book starring ‪Scarlett Johansson‬, ‎Bill Murray, ‬ Lupita Nyong’o, ‎Ben Kingsley & Idris Elba is all ready to work it’s way into India. Our very own talented Bo...
by Get Movie Info on Mar 14, 2016

New TV spot for The Jungle Book has a lot more animal dialogue and action.

A new TV spot has been released for Disney's The Jungle Book that is titled "Attention" and offers fans a great amount of new footage from the film. This new TV spot has a lot more dialogue from the animals in the film as well as never before seen ac...
by Realm Beyond Sight on Feb 29, 2016

New trailer for The Jungle Book shows the film's intense action as well as humor.

Instead of giving fans a short TV spot during yesterday's big game, Disney opted to release a new, full length trailer for Jon Favreau's The Jungle Book. The trailer is filled with new footage and for the first time you get a good look at the animals...
by Realm Beyond Sight on Feb 8, 2016

Featured Book Trailer: WE’LL NEVER BE APART by Emiko Jean

This week’s featured book trailer is for We’ll Never Be Apart by Emiko Jean. Check it out: ____________________ Murder. Fire. Revenge. That’s all seventeen-year-old Alice Monroe thinks about. Committed to a mental ward at Savage Isle,...
by Book Riot on Jan 7, 2016

War Unicorn Book Trailer

It’s live! The book trailer I mentioned in my last post is now L.I.V.E. Here: I gave Kevin my book trailer synopsis (the words). He used most of them and added more. He read the...

Short Synopsis v.s. Book Trailer

I imagined the one-second flashes of frames with epic music in the background, and then wrote my 25-word synopsis for him. Easy-peasy.

Bound Free Novel- Book Trailer 1

Debut Novel- Bound Free from Warren Brown...
by Humour, Ideas and Opinions on Nov 25, 2015

Bound Free Novel- Book Trailer 2

Bound Free- Debut Novel by Warren Brown from Warren Brown...
by Humour, Ideas and Opinions on Nov 25, 2015

Disney's live action The Jungle Book trailer brings the animals to life!

The first official trailer for Disney's live action adaptation of The Jungle Book has been released! The trailer gives fans a good look at fan favorite characters and as well as some new ones created for the film. You'll also get a sense of how the f...
by Realm Beyond Sight on Sep 15, 2015

Disney teases a first look at footage from the live action The Jungle Book.

It may not be much but the Disney instagram has released a short video that teases a look at Mowgli standing in the dense forest. This is an interesting peek at the film. Not much is known about the direction or exact story of the film but perhaps th...
by Realm Beyond Sight on Sep 12, 2015

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