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Book Shelf Styling

Happy Labor Day! My living room book shelves have been decorated the same way now for about two years: I liked the way it looked, so I did not pay much attention to it. (Actually, it seemed to be too much of a project so I ignored them!) haha (Sound...
by Restyling Home by Kelly on Sep 4, 2016

One Simple Trick to Make Your Home Decor More Interesting

Does your home decor look a little lifeless? Want to perk up your decor and make it look better instantly? The trick is to bust out of the vertical and horizontal planes. Displaying all upright decor or all flat decor is boring. So, if all you&...
by Teal & Lime on Aug 23, 2016

3 New Ways to Stack Books

What does it take to style bookshelves? It pretty much comes down to the arrangement of two things: Books + Decor   What goes wrong in a lot of cases is how those two things are mixed together (or aren’t mixed together). Yes, your books an...
by Teal & Lime on Oct 16, 2014

Do You Make These Common Bookshelf Styling Mistakes?

When you think about it bookshelves are one of the largest horizontal surfaces in your home.  They demand decorating and styling to look good, which makes them instantly intimidating. So many shelves.  Each shelf seems so big.  It takes lots of th...
by Teal & Lime on Oct 14, 2014

“Easy to understand, approachable and achievable for anyone.”

Growing up I was obsessed with home decorating shows, like the original Trading Spaces. I loved a good before and after and seeing it all happen in 30 minutes through the magic of TV. I dreamed of owning a home and doing similar dramatic makeovers al...
by Teal & Lime on Oct 9, 2014

Changes for the Fall

Hello, everyone! I hope you had a fabulous weekend. I feel like I say that every Monday (and I probably do), but I mean it. I can’t believe we are already halfway through September. It feels like time just speeds up as the year progresses. Does...
by Inspired by Charm on Sep 15, 2014

Bookshelf Styling DIY Projects

You are going to love this collection of Bookshelf Styling DIY Projects!  There are so many incredible tips and techniques here that I know you are going to find extremely useful.  Sometimes you look at your bookshelf…bookshelves…hutch&...
by TheCottageMarket on May 12, 2014

Bookshelf Styling

Hey there, friends! Are you sick of recipes, yet? Don’t worry, I am too. I’ve actually been trying to eat healthier / lighter / less, and all of this food isn’t helping. So I’m hoping to get back to posting about some projects...
by Inspired by Charm on Apr 16, 2014

My Secret to a Well-Styled Bookshelf

Styling a bookshelf is one of the most expensive and complicated undertakings of interior styling! Even the pros look for alternative solutions to traditional bookshelf styling.  This amazing wall of bookshelves was expertly styled without any books...
by Teal & Lime on Oct 5, 2013

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