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Zipcar: Low-Car Diet Update

by BosGuy on Aug 21, 2011

Red Bull Cliff Diving comes to Boston

Perhaps Red Bull really does give you wings... The Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series came to Boston on Saturday, August 20th. The tour had made stops in Chile, Mexico, Greece, France and Italy before coming to Boston. The final stop on the Red Bul...
by BosGuy on Aug 20, 2011

2011 Ptown Carnival Parade

The 2011 Provincetown Carnival Parade theme this year was "Can't Stop the Music". Commercial Street started to become a wall of spectators as individuals dressed up for this year's celebration. The parade was great this year, but if you were not ab...
by BosGuy on Aug 19, 2011

Wednesday of Carnival week in Provincetown

The weather in Provincetown took a dramatic turn for the better Wednesday and was absolutely spectacular. It was one of those hot sunny days that never got oppressive because of a steady ocean breeze. Both the beach and the Boatslip (an alternative...
by BosGuy on Aug 18, 2011

AC360 Ridiculist: Gerard Depardieu

Proof that no matter how mature, all men find potty humor funny. Even the suave Anderson Cooper cannot contain himself with his potty-mouth double entendre.
by BosGuy on Aug 18, 2011

Caption this photo

I should say upfront that this is a very handsome couple. They were sitting in front of me earlier today at the Boatslip enjoying the nice weather. I happened to be snapping photos of the Boatslip (I'll share those pics in another post) when I took...
by BosGuy on Aug 17, 2011

Provincetown Carnival Week Update

After the clouds and rain came and went, people were more than ready to get out and socialize on Tuesday. Tea Dance at the Boatslip competed with the annual "The Tide Is High" boat cruise (one of Carnival Week's official events). However, this made...
by BosGuy on Aug 17, 2011

Warren Buffett editorial in the NYT

Its been awhile since I've included a political rant, but an OpEd from Warren Buffett in Sunday's NYT Stop Coddling the Super Rich got me all fired up again. He starts his editorial saying, "OUR leaders have asked for “shared sacrifice.” But whe...
by BosGuy on Aug 15, 2011

Zipcar Low-Car Diet Update

by BosGuy on Aug 12, 2011

Pictures from NYC

Here are some random pictures from my trip to New York City last weekend. I loved this vintage Leather Daddy photo. Its reminiscent of Tom of Finland don't you think? I saw this in a leather shop down in the West Village. This giant sculpture entit...
by BosGuy on Aug 11, 2011


What a rather unique tissue dispenser.
by BosGuy on Aug 11, 2011

NYC Underwear Run

Fellow blogger over at DanNation included a write-up about NYC's 1.7 mile "Underwear Run", which took place last week (August 5th) in Central Park. The run drew a bit more than 500 participants. You can read his posting, here and you can check out...
by BosGuy on Aug 11, 2011

Hotel review: The Strand Hotel NYC

The Strand Hotel has a trendy vibe, which only makes sense since its nestled in the heart of New York City's Fashion District; located between 5th and 6th Ave on 37th Street. The tiny lobby exudes a sense of style that carries through to the hotel r...
by BosGuy on Aug 10, 2011

My favorite bars in Boston's South End

Here are a few of my favorite South End bars. Although this is not an exhaustive list (nor is it in any particular order), should you find yourself in my neighborhood on any given evening, there is a strong likelihood you'd find me at one of these f...
by BosGuy on Aug 9, 2011

Hanging with the bears

Just a lil old picture of me cuddling with a couple of bears that were sitting outside next door to the hotel I was staying at when I was visiting NYC. I have to say, they were very friendly but more of the strong silent type.
by BosGuy on Aug 8, 2011

DASOUL underwear

One of the unintended consequences of having a blog is that a lot of advertiser and PR people flood your inbox promoting their products and services. I generally ignore these requests and choose not to have advertisers on my blog. However, today I r...
by BosGuy on Aug 4, 2011

Bostonians: Amy & Nick A.K.A. Karmincovers

Amy and Nick are originally from Boston (hence several videos with Nick wearing a Red Sox cap). Check out Amy's vocal / rapping skills at the 1:20 point in the video. I had to pick my jaw up off the floor when I watched this.I believe they now live...
by BosGuy on Aug 4, 2011

Weekend in NYC

On Friday morning I'll be joined by my good friend, Paul, and we will hop on Acela to head into NYC for a couple nights of fun. We don't really have any plans other than arrival and departure times and where we'll be crashing.Past preferences have l...
by BosGuy on Aug 3, 2011


At the risk of sounding like a curmudgeon, I wanted to ask what has happened to people treating each other with civility?ci·vil·i·ty/səˈvilitē/Noun1. Formal politeness and courtesy in behavior or speech.2. Polite remarks used in formal conversa...
by BosGuy on Aug 3, 2011

Matt Damon defends teachers

Matt Damon proves once again that he's not only a great actor (and damn sexy) but someone who is articulate and quick on his feet. Have you seen this 1min. clip where Matt Damon sticks up for teachers and the teaching profession?There is foul languag...
by BosGuy on Aug 2, 2011

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