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“Free to Live Within Boundaries” Like No ratings yet.

With the recent celebrations of America’s and Canada’s Independence Days, our attention naturally turns toward freedom and independence. There is a great cry for freedom today. Freedom of the press; freedom of speech. These declared freed...

Records of Most Four In CPL 2016 – Maximum Boundaries in CPL 2016

Records of Most Four In CPL 2016 – Maximum Boundaries in CPL 2016: Every batsman wants to score maximum runs for his team and take his team to the finals or winning stage so that their contribution remarkable. Runs can get through various ways...
by IPL 2016 on Jul 16, 2016

Boundaries of 272 wards to change, may impact poll fortunes of 40 Assembly seats : HT

NEW DELHI: The upcoming municipal elections will be held on 272 wards, however, the seats could be redistributed among the three civic bodies going to polls next year.Delhi State Election Commission officials said the number of municipal wards in the...
by RWA Bhagidari blog on Jun 27, 2016

175 civic wards to get new boundaries

May 21, 2016 - SANJAY KAW | New DelhiMunicipal elections scheduled for April are expected to have about 175 of the 272 wards with totally new geographical boundaries in the national capital. The State Election Commission, entrusted wit...
by RWA Bhagidari blog on May 22, 2016

5 Battle-Tested Tips to Combat Twiddling

Hi there! 🙂 If your baby is anything like Bubba, you may have dealt with the dreaded twiddling and have found yourself here trying to find a way to make it stop. If you aren’t familiar with twiddling, allow me to explain. Twiddling is a term...
by New Crunchy Mom on May 20, 2016


Artist : Armin Van Buuren Album : Boundaries of Imagination Bitrate : VBR 210 Average KB/s (High Quality 44.1 kHz Joint Stereo) Source : CD (LP) Label : BlackHole Year : 2001 Genre : Trance Ripper : NHH Rip date : 2009-02-20 Store date : 2001-04-17 R...
by 5h4r3C0nn3ct0r Scene Releases on Apr 28, 2016

Mentoring Young Women

Mentoring A friend was recently talking about mentoring young women in technology.  I thought this was a great idea.  Although it wasn’t something I could take on right now, it got me thinking, what would I say if I was to mentor young women?  W...
by A Cake Walk Life on Mar 29, 2016

What to say to set Boundaries

Are you a master at taking care of the feelings and problems of everyone else? Are you clear about the things that are your responsibility and the things that aren’t? Do you struggle with saying no? If you’re reading this and saying to yourself,...
by Unleash Yourself on Mar 10, 2016

Use These Daily To Feel The Love

I thought I would create a slightly different blog post. It’s not about a holiday, it’s about a year-round commitment to loving yourself. Surrender the struggle. We stay in a state of resistance to what is in our lives and wonder why we f...
by Much Ado About Something on Feb 13, 2016

It’s the most wonderful time of the year?

  This time of year – a time of joy and excitement.  Friends and families come together to celebrate and share in the season.  Anticipation is high for the most wonderful time of year. During this time of year things often get harried and fr...
by A Cake Walk Life on Dec 15, 2015

East Timor appealing for Australian public's support in border dispute, minister says

Map: BBC NewsETLJB 18/11/2015 From ABC News- East Timor is seeking Australian public support to try to persuade Canberra to settle a longstanding maritime border dispute over lucrative oil and gas... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my web...

This is Us

Written By: Aqsa KhanToday, I was walking through streets with my broken arm just to spend sometime alone. And I found a tree without any leaves on it. He was begging for his needs, his desires. He was beseeching and craving for the thirst of water.
by Finding Neverland on Nov 17, 2015

You can’t build a boundary fence on others property.

By David Joel Miller Sometimes drawing boundaries goes very wrong. Having good boundaries is important for good mental health. Families that do not set boundaries develop long-term problems. Parents need to be parents and children need to be allowed...
by counseolrssoapbox on Oct 19, 2015

Love is Not a Cure For a Dysfunctional Relationship

Love is Not a Cure For a Dysfunctional Relationship appeared first on Relationships Reality and was authored by Sarah Adelle and Sophia Elise Many people believe that love conquers all, and that if someone really loves you, they will always treat you...
by Relationships Reality on Aug 20, 2015

Boundaries with your Young Adult

Or … how much is too much support, when it come to parenting and setting boundaries with your young adult? Recently I posted on Facebook about a call I made to Centrelink on behalf of Mr 21. I knew there would be a lot of others who would feel...
by Middle Aged Mama on Aug 13, 2015


In that year they left the old house taking the odour of clothes and souls. We replaced the trees and Continue reading →...
by THE PERISCOPE on Aug 11, 2015

Breaking the Rules

Rule #1 of having a friend with benefits – don’t catch feelings. Rule #2 of having a friend with benefits – don’t catch feelings. If only there was a manual for how to successfully carry on with this type of thing.  Too bad I never thoug...
by My Dating Hangovers on Aug 5, 2015

The Breadcrumb Relationship

Have you ever taken breadcrumbs and tried to make a piece of bread? I have, perhaps not literally, but those little pieces of bread would just crumble in my fingers while gluing them together, making it messy, sticky, and giving me crouton hands...
by Much Ado About Something on Jul 4, 2015

San Andreas

San Andreas (2015) (114 mins) Director – Brad Peyton Starring – Dwayne Johnson, Carla Gugino, Alexandra Daddario Premise – A rescue-pilot must save his wife and track down his daughter as the San Andreas Fault ruptures and destroys California.
by Sherlocking: The Big Screen on May 31, 2015

Is his name 'No'?

For a long time I was sure Baby E thought his name was 'No'! Every second word that came out my mouth was 'No' and I'm sure at one point he responded to it!It's not that he was a 'bad/naughty' baby, He was just pushing the boundaries I think. We have...
by Beau is Blue on May 25, 2015

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