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Ogechi ‏@tattedpoc 34m34 minutes ago George Zimmerman & Dylan Roof both got beat on Obama’s birthday. Tell me this ain’t God’s work. He about to descend damn she is Continue reading...
by The Politics of Everything on Aug 4, 2016

Bragging - Funny comics picture

by Funny Pictures on Oct 19, 2014


Almost forgot, here's me with Reinhold Jr. And Martin Holtkamp. And yes, I'm shamelessly showing off what a groupie I am around African violet royalty!
by Fuzzy Foliage on May 29, 2014

My Vons Haul: 17 Items For $14.15, Saved 75%! {$5 Friday Deals & MORE!}

I stopped by Vons (Pavilions) this morning after I dropped my boys off at school.  I picked up everything in this picture for ONLY $14.15… 75% Savings, so I thought I would share my Vons Haul! My $5 Friday Deals include the Cookie Crisp Cereal...
by OC Deal Mama on May 2, 2014

My Rite Aid Haul – DiGiorno Pizza ONLY $2.33 + Softsoap For $0.99!

If you need a deal on frozen pizza, we have a GREAT deal on DiGiorno Pizza at Rite Aid this week! DiGiorno pizzas are included in a +UP Offer for Nestle products – Spend $15, Get Back $5 +UP Reward (Limit 2).  The pizzas are only $5 each, and...
by OC Deal Mama on Apr 28, 2014

Best Mini - OMG!

Wow wow wow I won Best Mini at the Windsor AVS show!!! It's my highest award yet, I'm totally flipping out!!!Squeeeeeee--I grew that!!If you're near the Windsor CT area come check out the show tomorrow! We've got a ton of LLG plants for sale!!!
by Fuzzy Foliage on Apr 11, 2014

All my Elka stories are new again (plus a new one)

I make the joke, somewhat seriously, that I started this blog to give the people around me a break from dog things.I can talk about different dog topics, from breeds to training to health, longer than most people I know. It's one reason the Inter...
by The Elka Almanac on Mar 28, 2014

3 Blues and a Best in Class WHOOHOO

Just dashed into the show room to see if my plants did ok and YAAAY! I got 3 blues, and one was even a Best in Class!MINE! Left to right: Lil' Georgie, Star Eyes, and Wood NymphAnd here's a pic of the whole class, just so you know I wasn't only compe...
by Fuzzy Foliage on Nov 8, 2013

My Albertsons Trip – Saved $82! #StockUpSale

Have you shopped the #StockupSale at Albertsons yet?  I finally made it there today and thought I’d share my Albertsons trip.  My boys are still out of school on our Fall break for another week, so this was a good snack run for me.  HereR...
by OC Deal Mama on Oct 7, 2013

My Target Haul – CHEAP Pantene & Centrum Vitamins!

I went to Target this morning before picking up my littles and thought I’d share my Target Haul.  I did the Pantene Deal and I also took advantage of another Gift Card offer running on Centrum vitamins – Buy 2, Get a $5 Target Gift Card!
by OC Deal Mama on Sep 17, 2013

My Vons Haul – Fruit Snacks, Granola Bars & Cookies, Oh My!

I did my Fruit Snack and Granola Bar run at Vons when I picked up my littles from kindergarten today.  Unfortunately my $0.50 OFF Just For U Coupon said ‘Limit 1′ when I opened it up so it only came off ONE BOX instead of EACH box like t...
by OC Deal Mama on Aug 15, 2013

My Ralphs Shopping Trip – Saved $135.04!

I went to Ralphs this afternoon for my CHEAP General Mills Cereals and thought I’d share my trip.  I picked up everything in the picture for $32.34 and Saved $135.04!  The best part, I only handed over FIVE coupons.  How awesome is that? Her...
by OC Deal Mama on Aug 11, 2013

Top 10 Reasons You Should Do a Triathlon

Whether it’s for the gear, the lack of toenails and body hair or just for bragging rights, we all have our reason for doing a triathlon. Here are my top 10 reasons why you SHOULD do a... IronBrandon is dedicated to triathlon, running, cycling,...
by Brandon's Marathon on Aug 1, 2013

Target Toy Clearance – Look For 70% OFF TOYS!

It’s LIVE!  The Target Toy Clearance has officially hit 70% OFF here in Orange County! Be sure and check your stores to see if yours has been reduced too!  Marie picked up all this in her Orange County store TODAY.  She’s been watching...
by OC Deal Mama on Aug 1, 2013

Reader Shopping Haul: CVS – Spent $6.18, Saved Over $350!

Marie KILLED IT at CVS!  She picked up everything in this picture for a Net $6.18 (before tax of $11.82).  She saved over $350!!! Marie did (2) identical transactions, and used (2) CVS cards.  Each transaction looked like this: (6) Tena – BO...
by OC Deal Mama on Jul 28, 2013

Vons: FREE Ocean Spray Juice + CHEAP Ice Cream!

I made a quick trip to Vons today for a few items and thought I would share my favorite deals.  I actually went to take advantage of some of the $5 Friday Deals.  My boys pretty much will only eat CHOCOLATE cereal and the Chocolate Cheerios are on...
by OC Deal Mama on Jul 28, 2013

My Shopping Haul – Another Trip To The 99¢ Only Store!

I was near the 99¢ Only Store this afternoon and I decided to run in since I was kid free!  I had another successful trip today.  If you haven’t gone yet, be sure to stop in and take a look! Here’s what all I found today… and eve...
by OC Deal Mama on Jul 13, 2013

Q&A: where can i watch wwe bragging rights online for free?

Question by phil: where can i watch wwe bragging rights online for free? every site i checked is down or requires u to sign up, or take a survey. i want a working site. thankyou very much for all of your help! Best answer: Answer by higgleim having s...
by Portable Satellite Dish on Jul 5, 2013

Target: FREE All Mighty Pacs & Palmolive Dish Soap!

Candice scored big at Target today!  She picked up BOTH the All Detergent Mighty Pacs 10ct AND the Palmolive 14oz Dish Soap for FREE!  Here’s how… First, make sure that you text “FRESH” to 827438.  This will send Target Mob...
by OC Deal Mama on Jul 4, 2013

Loot Bragging from a while ago

I love and hate the loot system, and have days where it seems to be raining epics, and then weeks where I get nothing useful. I was going to pop another rant about how much it could be “fixed”, but … Continue reading →...

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