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A full rebrand for the British Horseracing Authority

Read about our full rebrand for the BHA (British Horseracing Authority). This is the BHA's biggest rebrand in eight years.The post A full rebrand for the British Horseracing Authority appeared first on Firedog creative agency.
by Firedog Blog on Aug 20, 2014

The Benefits Of Variable Data Print Technology

Software and services offering variable data print technology have changed the marketing world. Technology has advance which allows companies to manage custom branded materials. The documents can be designed with a familiar look and feel through out.
by Just Be Yourself Marketing on Feb 12, 2013

General Information On Dam Software

The task of managing multiple digital assets of a company presents a number of challenges. The activities of all the people involved have to be coordinated to effectively complete the task. DAM software helps to organize the large collection of files...
by Just Be Yourself Marketing on Feb 9, 2013

Implications Of Brand Management Software

During the olden days, cattle keepers used to brand their livestock as a way of making them stand out among others. Modern methods of marking animals borrow from a similar notion, although it is done otherwise. Clients are able to identify your servi...
by Just Be Yourself Marketing on Feb 4, 2013

Using Variable Data Print Technology To Control Branding

In today's fast paced world, highly competitive world it is becoming extremely important to use technologies such as variable data print services in order to control and create a brand reputation. The software and services that are available now prov...
by Just Be Yourself Marketing on Feb 2, 2013

Utilizing Variable Data Print For Faster Printing

Modern man has great need for printing and variable data printing has opened the doors to the future. Surprisingly, the variable data print media has seen the maximum growth since the advent of computers because even computers use identical technolog...
by Just Be Yourself Marketing on Feb 2, 2013

The Importance Of Identity With Brand Design Manchester

One of the truisms about the current society we live in is that it is dependent on image. In other words, image matters, and image sells almost everything. It has an influence on how likely it is something will or will not sell. Brand design Manchest...

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