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Cat Breed Information

Savannah Cat PortraitSome owners and breeders answered questions and gave information to attendees about how cat shows worked while spectators walked through the rows of cages. "I work with a lady, Denise, who breeds Egyptian maus and she gave m...
by Cats Types on Mar 26, 2016

Cat Breed That Stays Small

Kitten Cute Cat Wearing a Hat"A must-win game is if you need to win your last game of the season to stay up. "But we need to win games sooner "It was a bitter blow not to have a cup run because the longer you go it breeds confidence a...
by Cats Types on Mar 24, 2016

Big House Cat Breed

Maine Coon KittenAt almost four feet long, the three-and-a-half-year-old pet is one of the biggest domestic cats in the world the Guinness World Record for longest cat in the world. He is a Maine Coon, one of the largest breeds of domesticated cat.
by Cats Types on Mar 21, 2016

Tallest Cat Breed

Largest Domestic Cat Breed in the WorldWith Portland's biggest dog show and cat show coming up on back-to-back weekends, Jan. 20-24 and Jan. 29-31 respectively, we asked the experts from each to define these polar titles. People who declare themselve...
by Cats Types on Mar 20, 2016

Largest Pet Cat Breed

Largest Domestic Cat BreedHe's a purebred Maine Coon, the largest breed of domestic cat in the world. "He likes to spend his days looking out the window, which is where the problems began," Pizarev said, noting she occasionally has to expla...
by Cats Types on Mar 19, 2016

Large House Cat Breed

Large Domestic Cat BreedsHe's a purebred Maine Coon, the largest breed of domestic cat in the world. "He likes to spend his days looking out the window, which is where the problems began," Pizarev said, noting she occasionally has to explai...
by Cats Types on Mar 19, 2016

Some Siberish Fun on a Flashback Friday!

We hope everyone had a fun St. Patrick's Day yesterday! Our Flashback Friday is of my beloved FurAngel Gibson who was getting his Siberish on last year! He was such a dapper gent!   Meanwhile his little brother Wolf was feeling like a lucky...
by FiveSibes on Mar 18, 2016

Chasing Shadows on a Sunset Run

A beautiful 36℉ evening with a glorious sunset was the perfect setting for a nice run for our FiveSibes Pupsters:  Chloe, Wolf, and Bandit, as they chased the shadows and each other! Wolf's first run since his surgery, and he sure enjoyed it!
by FiveSibes on Mar 6, 2016

What Kind Of Breed Is Grumpy Cat

Cute Kitten Cat“It’s kind of nice to do something that makes people laugh.” Considering the range of cat content in pop culture, from online memes and “celebrities” such as Grumpy Cat to viral ones that will probably breed — move in on t...
by Cats Types on Feb 27, 2016

Large Breed Cat

Wild Domestic Cat BreedsPizarev is a lover of the Maine Coon breed, among the largest of the domesticated cat breeds. Several years ago people have recently been knocking on her door. Spock has grown so large that he now takes up half the bed. "...
by Cats Types on Feb 27, 2016

What Is The Largest Breed Of Cat

Biggest Domestic Cat BreedOn Safari is open to all breeds of cats. Judging in cat shows like this one follow the and fun awards are given in categories like "biggest eyes," "cutest expression" and "best spots," Weitz sa...
by Cats Types on Feb 26, 2016

What's Cookin'? A Recipe for Fun Memories of Gibson on a FiveSibes Flashback Friday

"Oh, hey, Mom! Just checking out some recipes!"This week the weather has been very damp, raining, and we even had a few rare northeast February thunder and lightning storms! With the inclement weather, it's a perfect time to warm  up by doing a...
by FiveSibes on Feb 26, 2016

Dog Cat Breed

Cat and Dog BreedHere are 10 breeds that can handle the coldest months in the hardest independent spirit that some have even described as cat-like. These dogs aren’t cuddle buddies and can be suspicious of strangers, but for the right person they...
by Cats Types on Feb 25, 2016

Which Cat Breed Is Best For Me

Seal Point KittenCruz then walks on stage doing his best impression He sings me a song about bringing God "deep down into your soul." Nearby, 20 or so college students are protesting the event. The wave poster that read: "Fear breeds...
by Cats Types on Feb 24, 2016

Most Beautiful Cat Breed

White Persian Cat with Blue EyesThis year’s Squid Row shot brings together a motley crew of cuties from a tiny Chihuahua, to a feathery Papillion, to a slender yellow mixed-breed and an elegant and useful contacts. Beautiful felines bask in the gl...
by Cats Types on Feb 24, 2016

It's Our 6th Blogiversary and We're Celebrating With a FiveSibes Tales Giveaway!

Wow! It's a special newsy Tuesday as we here at FiveSibes are celebrating our SIXTH Blogiversary this month! As a photojournalist by trade, I was inspired to start blogging by my five Siberian Huskies: Harely, Gibson, Wolfgang, Chloe, and Bandit. The...
by FiveSibes on Feb 24, 2016

Yellow Cat Breed

Burmese Cat BreedNimravid skulls from the Badlands show signs of pseudo-cat battles. Red arrows point to upper canine punctures, blue arrows show lower canine punctures and yellow arrows mark areas with crushing damage. (NPS photo by Mindy Householde...
by Cats Types on Feb 23, 2016

White Fluffy Cat Breed

Black and White Fluffy Cat BreedAn image of a white tailed deer from the Felix once again gathered a year’s worth of captivating cat portraits, each more appealing than the last. Her calendars offer intimate looks at soft, fluffy charmers from gla...
by Cats Types on Feb 23, 2016

Largest Domesticated Cat Breed

Largest Domestic Cat Breed in the WorldClassed as a major introduced fish pest in the 1970s and present in its billions across our most important and biggest inland waterway And the carp so love to breed in inland billabongs and inky wetlands, there...
by Cats Types on Feb 22, 2016

Cat Breed Identification

All Different Types of Cat BreedsIn the Colombian port city of Barranquilla, home to Latin America's largest Carnival outside Brazil, health authorities have been educating residents how to identify symptoms and because if the mosquito comes to bree...
by Cats Types on Feb 21, 2016

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