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The Ultimate Pizza Party at Greenwich Pizzeria, Starmall Prima

How can I say “NO!” to pizza? A few days before the invite, my girls have been bugging me for Greenwich’s new pizza variant, the Bacon Crispy Thins. Why wouldn’t they? They are both super fans of Greenwich pizza and the new ad...
by Entrepremom on Jul 29, 2016

Friday Story Bazaar ~ Tale Two

A Witchy Brew by Alexander M Zoltai Dedicated to Adrian G Hilder ~~~~~~~~~ “But, I’m not a witch.” That was the third time Melody had said those words in this conversation with the professor. He countered with, “You still have...
by Notes from An Alien on Jul 29, 2016

The Brew Hop 5K – Running and Beer in NYC!

The Brew Hop First Annual 5K + Craft Beer Festival Set To Take Place On Sunday, September 18th On Randall’s Island   Featuring 12 Local Breweries, With More To Be Announced   Early Bird Tickets Now Available While Supplies Last … Contin...
by The Regular Guy NYC on Jul 25, 2016

CCBF Review

XXX Capital Craft Beer Festival Review Last Saturday, the 11th of June, we excitedly attended the Fourth Capital Craft Beer Festival hosted in the Pretoria National Botanical Garden.  Arriving earlier would have us not arrive to rows upon rows of ca...
by Dirty Pink City on Jun 21, 2016

Where to Find Nitro Cold Brew

Right now, Starbucks is pretty pleased with itself over the nitro cold brew it’s pouring at select locations around the country. Just don’t ask where those select locations are (hint: nowhere near you). I asked via their Twitter account and…...

Keurig 2.0 Brewer Not Working – Not Pumping Water – Not Brewing

This content was originally taken from the website Click the link to go to the website that created this original content... - DIY Projects / Tips / Tricks / Ideas / Repair PROBLEM: Our Keurig 2.0 is not work...
by Remove and Replace on May 2, 2016

Bitter brew

– Glug, glug, glug, go the dregs of my dad’s last home brew. Not down my throat, but in the sink. Testament to 30 years of continuous unimprovement. It began as a fine recipe. With fresh ingredients from a ‘way-out’ 70s health...
by Imagine Day on Mar 27, 2016

Can You Brew Tea In A Coffee Maker

Drinks Brewed CoffeeHighwood resident Kym Teslik recently took a few minutes out of her stint as a barista at Alchemy Coffee you can tell us about? A: I really like Mark Twain. I'm reading 'Life on the Mississippi' right now. I love his sense of hum...
by Coffeeholicdee on Mar 9, 2016

Box Office Buz: DVD and Blu-ray releases for March 1, 2016

This has been quite the year so far. We have been treated to an amazing array of releases every week and this week is no exception. Get your checklists out.
by Box Office Buz on Mar 2, 2016

Brew Tea In Coffee Maker

Keurig Brew Over Icebut how about one that also happens to be a portable coffee maker? That’s the thinking behind Mojoe, a travel mug that will also brew your coffee and tea on the go, no matter where you are. Working via a wall adapter, car adapte...
by Coffeeholicdee on Feb 27, 2016

Ready, set, brew!!

Kettles that whistle are too conventional. Not to mention, noisy too. What you need is something not just discreet, but classy too. The Flag kettle does its share of theatrics to tell you your drink has brewed. It raises a flag. Now isn’t that just...
by Best Environment Design on Jan 21, 2016

Bleeding Heart 'Rescue' Clip

Reserved yoga instructor May's peaceful, clean-living life is thrown out of balance by the arrival of her long-lost sister Shiva, a street-smart yet naive young woman trapped in an abusive relationship. May feels compelled to rescue the hapless S...
by Box Office Buz on Dec 7, 2015

Get your brewski on at Amity Hall in NYC!

If you love a solid selection of quality craft beers then Amity Hall in the Greenwich Village part of NYC is a terrific choice to start off your night. It you can’t stand the yuppy, preppy, frat boy crowd then … Continue reading →...
by The Regular Guy NYC on Dec 4, 2015

Pour a cold one at home with the Draftmark Home Tap System

In the words of Benjamin Franklin – “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy”. Even if he didn’t really say it I have read it on enough t-shirts to appreciate the quote itself. Now, I’ll admit …...
by The Regular Guy NYC on Nov 28, 2015

Brew Barrel Review

We’re getting all the niceties ready for Christmas and I’m sure you are, but if you’re stumped about what to get your Mr, then how about a Brew Barrel? If you’re guy has never tried to brew his own, or is put off at just how difficult it soun...

Time to Show Downtown Leesburg Some Love

  Heather and I have been LoCo residents for almost 17 years and much of that time has been spent in Leesburg. I work out of our Century 21 Redwood Leesburg office on Loudoun Street and of course before that were 12 years at Westpark Golf Club.
by LoCo Musings on Oct 30, 2015

Bleeding Heart Trailer

Reserved yoga instructor May's peaceful, clean-living life is thrown out of balance by the arrival of her long-lost sister Shiva, a street-smart yet naive young woman trapped in an abusive relationship. May feels compelled to rescue the hapless S...
by Box Office Buz on Oct 16, 2015

Man About the House

We’re always grateful when old friends spend their hard-earned cash on a pilgrimage to their country cousins, particularly as this invariably means the expense of a hotel stay. Cute as it is, the micro-loft is way too micro for topping and tailin...
by Perking the Pansies on Oct 1, 2015

Cool Stuff Roundup – Summer Edition

I just realized that’s in been months since I’ve done a Cool Stuff Roundup. I aim to correct that today with a few very interesting tidbits I’ve culled from various locations online. Let’s start with some air travel. You know… The post...

Best of the Brew & Food Fest

Saturday, August 29, 2016 marked the inaugural Brew and Food Festival at Waterfront Park in San Diego. My faves were: • smok’n short rib mac n cheese from Bier Garden Executive Chef Ruben Zamarripa • shrimp/scallop ceviche with caviar and carn...
by Wabisabi Green on Aug 31, 2015

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