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Brian Eno - "The Ship" (2016)Eno has been around a while, first as a keyboardist in Roxy Music in the early '70s, then a solo career and great success as a producer. I don't know how many records he's participated on over the years in some form, but...
by 33 1/3 on Dec 6, 2016

Brian Eno - "Small Craft On A Milk Sea" (2010)I just bought this record a few weeks ago, the price was so attractive I couldn't resist (half the price of an already reduced price). It was the nice box containing the music on vinyl (on two records), C...
by 33 1/3 on Dec 2, 2016

Paul Simon, “Another Galaxy” from Surprise (2006): One Track Mind

Surprise, indeed. This album, released on May 9, 2006, found Paul Simon broadly expanding his sonic palette through a collaboration with Brian Eno.
by Something Else Reviews on May 9, 2015

Machine And Man -The real problem is not whether machines think but whether men do

We are becoming the servants in thought, as in action, of the machine we have created to serve us.~John Kenneth GalbraithMan is a slow, sloppy and brilliant thinker; the machine is fast, accurate and stupid.~William M. KellyI'm struck by the ins...
by A2Z Quotes on Feb 28, 2015

Brian Eno & Karl Hyde

Apparently Karl Hyde and Brian Eno needed to record a full album together before they could get really get warmed up. The pair’s release Someday World was pleasant enough but felt like the two songwriters involved were still feeling each other out,...
by radioSpin on Sep 9, 2014

REWIND: David Bowie - 'Speed Of Life'

Haven't featured any Bowie for a while. Which is absurd, considering the man is one of my biggest heroes. So here's one from the seminal 'Low', his eleventh studio album. Widely regarded as one of Bowie's most influential releases, 'Low' was the firs...
by RW/FF on Jul 2, 2014

Track Of The Day: Brian Eno and Karl Hyde - 'DBF'

Blimey, talk about prolific... Within weeks of the release of their acclaimed debut album 'Someday World', the collaboration between Brian Eno and Karl Hyde continues with their second full-length record 'High Life', which will be released on June 30...
by RW/FF on Jun 11, 2014

Coldplay's Chris Martin in secret

Do you know who Chris Martin? Yes, fans certainly know who Coldplay Chris Martin. He is a member of the British group. Being a famous British band frontman , Coldplay , Chris Martin now increasingly successful throughout his career . But no one thoug...
by Paparazzi Hot News on May 1, 2014

One Track Mind: Brian Eno + Karl Hyde, “Daddy’s Car” from Someday World (2014)

Just as much as the first track from Brian Eno’s forthcoming collaboration with Underworld’s Karl Hyde was girded by a doomy sense of portent, “Daddy’s Car” is a compulsively listenable ride — all scronky keyboard...
by Something Else Reviews on Apr 7, 2014

Brian Eno’s “77 Million Paintings” an Audiovisual Masterpiece

The debut of Brian Eno’s kaleidoscopic ’77 Million Paintings’ exhibit in New York has been dubbed a “generative” work of genius by critics. An immersive affair, which encompasses the sophisticated use of audiovisual technology to create pai...
by Designer Base on May 8, 2013

Neville Brothers – Yellow Moon

The Neville Brothers – Yellow Moon With recording careers stretching back to the mid-1950s, the individual members of New Orleans’ Neville Brothers have found varying levels of success.  But when united, vocalist Aaron, keyboardist Art, saxophon...
by Classic Rock Music Blog on Apr 22, 2013

Hunters & Collectors – The Jaws of Life LP and Payload EP

Hunters & Collectors – The Jaws Of Life LP and Payload EP I’m always in search of records that flew under the radars of the music-loving masses.  Today’s blog entry deals not just with an unsung album, but an unsung band as well – at lea...
by Classic Rock Music Blog on Mar 25, 2013

VIRTUAL KING :: James Blake + Brian Eno - Digital Lion

How do you make a quiet song massive? You get the king of swoon and the innovator of ambient to collaborate. The result is Digital Lion - a 5 minute opus! This song starts off gently and then builds, but only slightly. Whether you are meditating or m...
by Barrel~dEM on Mar 7, 2013

Fripp & Eno – Evening Star

Fripp & Eno – Evening Star Evening Star is the second album guitarist Robert Fripp and keyboardist Brian Eno recorded together. In this and the duo’s previous release, No Pussyfooting, we hear the further development of Eno’s ambient mu...
by Classic Rock Music Blog on Feb 27, 2013

Brian Eno - Ambient 1: Music for Airports (1978) Full Album

Track Listing01 00:00 "1/1" (Acoustic and Electric Piano, Synthesizer)02 16:50 "2/1" (Vocals, Synthesizer) 03 25:26 "1/2" (Vocals, Acoustic Piano)04 37:09 "2/2" (Synthesizer Only)Sunday morning .... need peace .... Brian Eno will do the trick.No Boat...
by Barrel~dEM on Feb 24, 2013

Brian Eno – Lux (2012)

This is the sound of a leaf, tumbling end over end just above the outstretched grass. The sound you hear in between heartbeats. The sound that clouds make as they move across the sky. You’ll hear all of that, and more, if you listen closely eno...
by Something Else Reviews on Nov 13, 2012

Desert Island Discs: Records to Chill By

Everybody has their own definition of a “chill” record. But if ever there was a time when one was desperately needed, it would likely be when you are stranded on a faraway island — with nothing but a volleyball to keep you company.
by Something Else Reviews on Nov 7, 2012

Brian Eno – Panic Of Looking EP (2011)

Considering the relative geekiness of some of his music, and you have to admit some of it really is geeky (hello, The Drop), Brian Eno has maintained an aura of cool that is undeniable. It’s the fact that he just lets his music be what it needs...
by Something Else Reviews on May 6, 2012

Half Notes: Brian Eno – Another Day On Earth (2005)

Brian Eno’s first vocal, “pop”-based album since 1990′s overlooked classic (in my opinion) Wrong Way Up with John Cale and also to Nerve Net, Another Day On Earth found Eno in much more ambient territory than one might expect...
by Something Else Reviews on Feb 23, 2012

Dr Alex Paterson (The ORB) Interview: 2012

SPACE BALLSUK electro act The Orb, always found themselves lumped in with the narcotic-influenced club music scene emerging in the late ‘80s, while journalists struggled to find a more accurate description; ‘Pink Floyd for the ‘90s rave generat...
by The Art 2012 on Feb 15, 2012

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