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The Role of British Imperialism in the Atlantic Slave Trade

A six part historical fiction television series recently concluded its premiere over the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) network.It is airing over Black Entertainment Television (BET). This dramatic representation is based on a novel of the...
by Actualité Distincte on Feb 17, 2015

The Alternative Two State Cheesy Solution

It is my understanding that the two state solution party, being in the uncomfortable situation of administering monstrous cuts, on behalf of the hidden agenda of its Royal British masters in the northern scum state and opposing them in the southern s...
by Rebels Yell on Nov 9, 2010

Bacon, Freud, Mehta, Souza — Human figure in the shadow II War and India’s partition

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by Oil Painting Techniques on Oct 16, 2010

Indian Police Read Riot Act

Human Rights Watch Read Riot Act To Indian Police Indian Police Service (IPS) has been read the riot act by a freshly published report by Human Rights Watch. The 118 page inculpating report by the human rights watchdog entitled ‘"Broken Syst...
by Rebels Yell on Aug 5, 2009

British Imperialism in India

In many ways, the British imperialism in India was far more significant than the presence of Muslims, although the British directly ruled India for only 90 years. The British brought with them western folk ways and culture. Many Indians sought to imi...
by Hinduism Beliefs on Feb 13, 2009

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